10 Best Transcription Jobs Online From Home And Earn Rs.500 to Rs.750 Every Hour |Best Transcription Jobs In 2021

8. Transcription Hub

Average rate: $0.75 per audio minute

Types of Transcription: General, Education, Medical, Legal, Insurance, and Meeting Transcription.

Transcription Hub used only human transcribers. It does not depend on any software.

You need to register on the website to join Transcription Hub. You will be assessed on the basis of your past experiences. After that, they will rate you as gold, silver, and bronze.

You will get work according to your rating and after that you can take your payment.

9. Gotransscript.com

Average hourly rate: $0.72- $1 per audio minute

Types of transcription: academic, research research, verbatim verbatim, focus group and medical transcription.

At Gotrasnscript.com, you can find various transcription jobs sitting at home. It pays you around $1 per audio minute which is great.

It is easy to apply for the job here. You can apply for jobs and get your earned money amount through PayPal. You can try and learn different transcription niches.

To join Crowdsurf, you have to follow three steps. After completing these steps, you can start writing on the website.

10. Transcription Panda – Transcription Panda

Average rate: $0.79-$2.4 per audio minute

Types of transcription: audio, video, MP3 to text, research, interview, audio, verbatim, etc.

Transcription Panda provides transcription services at an affordable price. You can apply as a transcriber and transcribe audio, video, interview etc.

The application process is easy and you’ll get around $0.79 to $2.4 per minute of audio. It’s a reasonable price and you can easily learn the different types of transcription with practice.

Anyone from all over the world with fast typing and fast listening skills can apply for the job.

One What are the Requirements for a Transcriptor?

To become a qualified transcriber, you have to save several things. These things make the writing process easier.

5 things a transcriptionist must have