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Gujarat State has given a new direction to the country and the world by adopting new methods and technologies in the field of agriculture. Gujarat Sarakar is also adopting farmer oriented policies. Various schemes have been implemented for farmers to double their income. The ikhedut Portal has been created to accept online applications for these schemes. Through which farmers can fill the application form of agricultural schemes online from home.

Drumstick Cultivation Subsidy Scheme in Gujarat

To increase the income of farmers i khedut yojna On Horticultural schemes, Animal Husbandry Schemes, Agricultural schemes And Fisheries schemes Are issued. List of farmer schemes ikhedut portal Is released online at A number of schemes have been implemented by the Horticulture Department. In which Tractor Assistance Scheme, Water tank scheme for drip irrigation, Plug Nursery Etc. plans have been issued. In which assistance and subsidy is given by the government for cultivating sargana. Of the government Department of Agriculture and Co-operation Has implemented a scheme to provide assistance to farmers to cultivate sargani. Whose Online Form can be filled from i-farmer portal.

Purpose of Sargwani Farming Assistance Scheme

Saragva Ni Kheti Have to apply online. Sargava horn and green leaf are very beneficial in human diet. Also very nutritious from Ayurvedic point of view. With this in mind, the government also encourages farmers to do this farming. Assistance is given for cultivation of sargava and making of planting material.

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Drumstick Farming Scheme In Gujarat – Subsidy Scheme

Eligibility for assistance in Sargwani farming

Krushi ane Sahkar Vibhag Gujarat By department ikhedut portal Online applications for various schemes are invited. The following eligibility criteria have been determined for availing the benefit of this scheme run by the Horticulture Department.

  • The farmer should be from Gujarat state.
  • Beneficiaries of Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes of the State will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • These schemes will benefit small, marginal farmers in the state of Gujarat.
  • Farmers benefit if they have land or forest rights records.
  • Farmers will get the benefit of this scheme only once.
Name of the scheme Saragva Ni Kheti Ma Sahay
Language Gujarati and English
Objective To cultivate medicinal herbs
The scheme has been implemented to provide incentives to the farmers.
Beneficiary To the farmers of Gujarat
Amount of assistance-1 Small, marginal and of SC and ST breeds
Assistance to large farmers 75% of the total cost or
Rs.6000 / – whichever is less
Amount of assistance-2 75% assistance to farmers in 17,000 / – hectare of total cost
Or Rs.12750 / – whichever is less
Valid website
How to apply Click.
Last date to apply 30/11/2021

Conditions for getting assistance in Sargwani farming

By Gujarat State Government ikhedut portal Conditions have been laid down for this scheme run by the Horticulture Department. Farmers will have to abide by the following terms and conditions to avail the assistance of this scheme.

  • The farmer should have a land record.
  • The planting material to be procured will have to be procured from NHB through accreditation.
  • Farmers can also purchase from the Agricultural University or Horticulture Department nurseries in the area concerned.
  • Assistance will be available only if purchased from an accredited nursery, accreditation.
  • Beneficiary should be of SC and ST caste.

Assistance standard in Sargwani farming

Bagayati Vibhag The scheme is run by Under this scheme, if farmers cultivate sargana, different types of assistance are given in their bank accounts. Whose information is as follows.

  • Equal assistance is given to farmers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • The scheme provides assistance for planting material.
  • Separate assistance is given to farmers for planting cost of Sargava.
  • Both the assistance available in this scheme can be found in the table below
Assistance for planting material Beneficiary farmers are charged a unit cost of Rs.8000 / – per hectare.
75% of unit cost for planting material
Or Rs.6000 / – per hectare.
Assistance for planting expenses in Sargwani farming Beneficiary farmers are charged a unit cost of Rs.17000 / – per hectare. 75% of unit cost for planting material
Or Rs.12,750 / – per hectare.

Documents for assistance in Sargwani farming

ikhedut portal You have to fill up an online form for the assistance scheme in Sargwani farming. Important documents for which are given below.

  • Beneficiary farmer ikhedut portal 7-12
  • Copy of farmer’s Aadhaar card
  • Caste certificate if applicant is SC and ST (if applicable)
  • Copy of ration card
  • Certificate of Disability for a disabled farmer (if applicable)
  • Copy of Forest Rights Certificate for Tribal Area (if any)
  • Consent form of other farmer in 7-12 and 8-A land in case of joint account holder
  • If having a soul registration
  • Copy of bank account
  • Details of a member of a co-operative society (if applicable)
  • Information if a member of the Milk Producers Association (if applicable)

Apply Online Drumstick Cultivation Subsidy Scheme

Assistance in Sargwani farming Farmers to get i-Farmer Portal Online application has to be done from Farmers can apply for such online application from their gram panchayat, nearest Common Service Center or anywhere.

  • First of all Google Open and type “ikhedut”.
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  • Click on “Plan” after opening Khedut Website.
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  • After clicking on the plan “Horticulture department schemes”.
  • Bagayati ni yojana“After opening where serial number-52”Assistance in Sargwani farming”.
  • In which the next page has to be opened by clicking on “Apply” in “Sargwani Kheti Sahay” scheme.
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  • Are you a Register Farmer? In which if you have registered then yes and if you have not done then no.
  • If the registration has been done by the farmer, after entering the Aadhaar card number and mobile number, the application has to be made by entering Captcha Image.
  • Beneficiary i-khedut If you have not registered on, you have to apply online by selecting ‘No’.
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  • After the farmer has filled in the complete information, after verification, he has to click on Save Application.
  • The application has to be confirmed after checking the details of the information filled in the scheme. Once the application is confirmed there will be no modification or increase in the Application Number.
  • The farmer beneficiary will be able to get a printout based on his / her application after applying online.
Last date for online application

Online application for assistance scheme in Sargwani farming has to be done from i-farmer portal. Farmer beneficiaries to avail the benefits of this scheme Dated 16/11/2021 to 30/11/2021 Will be able to apply till. The application process will then close.