BEST Paisa Kamane Wala Carrom Board Game (₹500₹1300 per day) Cash Carrom Game 2021

hello friends do you Paisa Kamane Wala Carrom Board Game ie carrom board game play win money online game is aware of! If you are also fond of playing carrom board game then you can earn money by playing carrom board game online! In today’s Hindi article, we will give you the best like this. Paisa Kamane Wala Carrom Board Game going to tell about it!

Often carrom board is available in every house and people like to play carrom board game with their family for timepass in their free time!

So if you still play Carrom Board with your friends just for the timepass! So now it’s time to earn money by playing your carrom board!

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So let’s start this article without any delay and Paisa Kamane Wala Carrom Board Game Know about it in detail!

Paisa kamane wala carrom board

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Carrom board What is a game – Carrom Board Game Kya Hai

Carrom Board Game Kya Hai: Carrom board is a very popular indoor game! It’s a square board made out of plywood! Around which there is a border of about half an inch of wood! Also, there are four holes in its four corners.

Carrom board game is an interesting game of Gotti and Striker! The game originated in Mumbai in the early 1930s! And carrom board game is also the most popular game in India and neighboring countries of India such as Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan!

The popularity of this game is so much that many popular Bollywood movies like ‘Ankush’, ‘Striker’ and ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ are based on this game!

Carrom board game is an indoor game that is played at home! The popularity of this money making game can be gauged from this! That this money earning carrom board game is played online not only in India but all over the world!

In this time of internet, many companies are making crores of rupees by making an application to play carrom board game in mobile!

And giving you a chance to earn money by playing carrom board game!

So in such a situation, it has become even easier for people to play carrom board game! Because in the first carrom board game, you had to have 2, 3 or 4 people with you!

But now you can play carrom board online with anyone on the internet!

Carrom Playing Material

You only need a handful of ingredients to play the carrom board game! Which is as follows!

Paisa kamane wala carrom game
  • First you need a carrom board made of plywood!
  • After this we need 9 – 9 pieces of two different colors! Usually their color is white and black!
  • Sometimes people like to play carrom board game with even 6 – 6 pieces!
  • All you need after this is a red piece called a queen and a striker!
  • Lastly, you can use the powder to dust the top surface of the carrom board! so that its upper surface remains smooth!

What are the rules for playing carrom? , Carrom Board Game Rules in Hindi

Before playing carrom board game it is very important to know the rules of this game! By the way, the rules of carrom board game are very simple!

And many rules of this game are already known to most of the people! But because now carrom board game is played more online on the internet!

That’s why the rules of playing the online carrom board game change completely! And no one can easily beat you if you don’t know or pay attention to the rules of the online carrom board game!

If you are going to compete with someone while playing carrom board game online! So first of all read the Carrom Board Game Rules thoroughly and keep all the things mentioned in it in mind!

so let’s do something important Paisa Kamane Wala Carrom Board Game rules of figures out!

1). First you and your partner have to choose your pieces by color!

For example, suppose 9 white pieces are yours and the other 9 black pieces belong to your opponent.

2). If you drop the chosen piece of the opposite player into the hole! So even in such a situation you have to give a foul!

3). Also if your striker goes into the hole! In this case you are fouled and you have to give one of your pieces in return!

4). If you strike while crossing the arrow on the side of the strike line around it, it is considered a foul!

5). If your striker falls into any of the holes in the four corners of the carrom board! Still the law of foul applies to you! And you have to put one of your pieces on the carrom board again!

6). You still get fouled if the last piece reaches the hole before the queen! And in return you have to give one of your pieces!

7) If your striker crosses the wooden border and goes out, you are still subject to a foul!

1). Carrom Clash Real Money Paytm

Carrom Clash is an easy to play multiplayer game! This carrom clash game app google play store But so far it has been downloaded by more than 1 million people!

carrom clash real money paytm

You can play this fun game both online and offline! In Carrom Clash you are given many different levels and winning all the levels gives different prices!

The special thing about Carrom Clash game is that you can start the game with as little as 10 rupees!

If you want to play in level super 20, then for this you will get Rs 18 by investing Rs 10 in the same way by investing Rs 25 in Muqabla level you will get Rs 55!

Apart from this, you can also earn money through game referrals! By doing this, you are given a bonus of 3 to 5 rupees in a referral!

2). Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is a money earning carrom board game which is very popular and popular carrom game! First of all you have to install this game from Google Play Store on your phone!

carrom pool money paytm

This is a multiplayer board game, you can easily play this game with your friends! Carrom Pool game is played in two modes – first disc pool, second carrom!

Try your luck in the daily golden shot in the game so you can get the price! Also you can get lots of bonus in carrom pool game

The money you win from this game Paytm I can transfer! Unlock different stickers and pucks!

You can play carrom pool game both online and offline!

3). Carrom Club

Carrom Club is a classic Indian board game, it is a multiplayer game! This is one of the most played games in India!

Carrom Pool game paytm

This carrom club game is played with two modes of multiplayer, the first being local multiplayer: this mode lets you play with another player on the game device! Second Online Multiplayer: Play with players from all over the world!

Conclusion – Conclusion

So in today’s blog we have Paisa Kamane Wala Carrom Board Game more about best money maker carrom board game app and earn money carrom board game Go to detail about how to download and play online!

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