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Many government departments are functioning under Gujarat government. A large number of government schemes are implemented by these departments for different purposes. Such as schemes for farmers, schemes for women, schemes for disabled citizens, schemes for students, etc. Through this article we will talk about Bin Anamat Aayog i.e. Student Assistance Scheme of Gujarat Non-Reserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation. Students will receive detailed information about the food bill assistance scheme available to them if they are studying away from home.

Food Bill Scheme (GUEEDC)

Government of Gujarat Department of Social Justice and EmpowermentFrom GRNo-No: Sashap / 122017/568451 / A dated 30/09/2017 Gujarat Non-Reserved Educational and Economic Development CorporationHas been created. The purpose of formation of this corporation is to provide various schemes for the economic and educational upliftment of the people belonging to the non-reserved caste. With that in mind Gujarat Government Resolution No.- EBC / 102018/814 / a. Various non-reserved schemes have been implemented from 15/08/2018 and 25/01/2019. In which student oriented schemes, employment oriented schemes etc. government schemes are run. For those who are studying in a hostel through this article Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana We will get the information given.

Name of the scheme Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana
Language Gujarati and English
Objective Non-reserved class students
Help with meal bills
Beneficiary Students studying in non-reserved classes
Help Eligible for unnamed class
Writes Rs. 1500 / – monthly to students for 10 months
Meal bills will be provided.
Official website Click Here
Last date to apply 31/01/2021

Purpose of Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana

Bin Anamat Varg Assistance is provided to students who are studying away from home and living in hostels. So that students with poor financial status can get good and higher education by staying in hostels.

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Eligibility of Meal Bill Assistance Scheme

Bin-Anamat Aayog The scheme is run by Non-reserved classNo. Students who are in poor financial condition are given food bill assistance. For which the following eligibility has been determined.

  • વિદ્યાર્થીઓ Non-reserved class students studying in undergraduate level medical, dental, technical, para medical will get benefit.
  • Those who are studying in hostel away from family will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Those who do not have educational system in their taluka and study in hostels outside the taluka get benefit.
  • Those who are studying in hostels other than government or subsidized ones will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Girls studying in Std. 9th to 12th by staying in the girls hostel run by any society, trust or organization will also get food bill assistance.
  • Students must have a non-reserved class certificate.
  • Student should be a citizen of Gujarat

Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana Receivable Benefits

Gujarat Non-Reserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation The benefit of this scheme is given by Eligible in this scheme Students will be eligible for food bill assistance at the rate of Rs. 1500 / – per month for 10 months. A total of 15,000 students are eligible for assistance throughout the course and in the hostel.

Income limit for receiving meal bill assistance

According to Bin Anamat Yojana, in order to avail the benefits of this scheme, the total annual income of the student’s family should be Rs. 4.50 lakhs or less.

Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana Document

GUEEDC Online Different documents are required to apply. The following documents are required to avail the food bill assistance scheme.

  • Copy of Aadhaar card
  • Bin anamat certificate
  • Certificate of income
  • Proof of age (LC or birth certificate)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof that the monthly meal bill in the hostel is paid or receivable
  • A bona fide certificate of a school or college student continuing his studies
  • Standard-12 or last year marksheet of study
  • Proof that the hostel is run by a social trust
  • A copy of the student’s bank passbook

Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana Online Apply

Bin Anamat Yojana To avail the benefit, one has to apply online from its official website. For which Bin Anamat Aayog Gandhinagar Can be filled from the website of Following is the information on how to apply for Bhojan Bill Yojana online.

  • Including on the Home Page of the website Scheme Menu Click on
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  • Then in the various schemes that appear on the Scheme Menu “FOOD BILL SCHEME ” Click on
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  • Now a new page named Registration for Online Application System will appear. Enter the email ID, mobile number and password and enter the Captcha Code. Then click on “Submit” button.
  • Now students and friends are asking “Already Register Click Here for Login?” Will have to click on.
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  • Login by entering Username, Password and Captcha Code.
  • Now by clicking on Login various schemes will appear. In which you have to click on Apply Now on the scheme you want to apply for.
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  • Applying Now on the scheme will have to fill in the applicant’s information. And non-reserved class certificate details, school and expenditure details, bank details etc.
  • The student will then have to “save” by filling in the information of his contact number, details of the girls hostel run by the society / trust etc.
  • Now the student has to upload the document by clicking on Save Photo and Signature & Upload Document.
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  • The student will then have to upload the required documents.
  • After uploading all the information and documents, the application has to be clicked on Confirm Application. Your application will be confirmed.
  • The application confirmation number should be registered in a safe place.

Bin Anamat Yojana Application Status

Bin Anamat Scheme No online form has to be filled. After applying online, students can “Know App Status ” Can be found by clicking on

Bin Anamat Aayog Contact Number

Citizens of non-reserved castes can contact the office of the corporation for information on various schemes, how to get documents or all other information.

GUEEDC Corporation Office Number: –



Bin Anamat Gujarat ClassPeople can also contact your district office. To get the contact numbers of your respective District Managers, you can download by clicking on the button below.