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The electoral process in the country continues to go on in some state or union territory, to vote for the election, it is necessary for the guardian to have a voter id, without this you cannot vote for the election, there are 243 assembly seats in the state of Bihar. In such a situation, it is necessary to become the vote of the new voter.

The application of this voter or identity card was done by the government two months ago through the portal, its list has been issued by the state government.

Friends, today we will tell you how you can down load your voter id online from the internet and how to apply for a new one.

bihar election process october 2020

Elections are going on in the state of Bihar right now, the election of 243 assembly constituencies is going to be held, this election process has been classified by the State Election Commission into three phases, the state elections will run from 28 October to 7 November, now all the parts of the country Due to the Corona crisis in the states, the election will go on for a long time because there is not much crowd at the polling booth.

Social distancing is also to be maintained so that more and more people can avoid this dangerous disease.
The election total has divided the assembly elections into three phases, in the first phase, 71 seats of the state will be elected.
On the date 28 October and the second phase of elections will be held on 3 November for 94 assembly seats and the last three
The election of Surrey phase will be held on 7th November on 78 seats, after the completion of the election process, its result will be declared.
On the day of 10th or 11th November, the election commission will prepare the list of winners of all these seats.

how to download bihar election voter list

For Bihar elections, the government has released the list of applicants as the state is now on 28 October.
The Election Commission has declared the election of 243 assembly seats, for this the new voters will be identified.
The government has to do it, otherwise the voting of the election will not be done, for this you can also do it from your mobile.
download voter id

First of all you have to go to the official website of Bihar Election Commissionerate to register the form which you have.
Enter the number and click on the ok button below, after that you will get a voter id’s pdf in your file.
You can get your identity card removed by going to csc center.

Information about Bihar Election Voter List

If any voter of Bihar state wants to cast his vote, then his age must be at least 18 years.
The identity of the citizen is voter id, it is used by many government departments and families to get ration and
To go to another state, voter id is required, without this a railway ticket is not made, voter id is the identity of a common citizen, which shows his address proof, if you want to become an election candidate for a political post, then you have Voter ID is a must

How many assembly seats are there in Bihar elections?

The round of elections for the state of Bihar will start from October 28. In this election, 243 seats in the state of Bihar have been selected.
The boat will be there keeping in mind the corona epidemic

How many electoral phases have been kept in the Bihar election process?

The assembly of 243 seats in the state of Bihar has been divided into 3 phases. Phase 7 elections will be held on 78 seats, the result of the candidates of this election process will be declared on 10 November who will be the winner.

benefits of bihar identity card

  • Voter id is the identity of a common citizen, through which you can share other state.
  • Identity card gives you the right to vote in the Legislative Assembly and Rajya Sabha elections of your state.
  • Through voter id proof, you can become an election candidate in your area.
  • Through identity card, get any scheme of the state like agricultural loan, bank loan and any government facility.
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  • You can buy a SIM card in any corner of the country with an identity card.

How to download Gram Panchayat Voter List of Bihar Election?

If the voters of Bihar state reside in rural area, then they can vote in Gram Panchayat elections to get voter list.
Go to the official website of the commission

  • The voter who wants to get his identity card, then he can go to the official website of the Election Commission.
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  • After going to the home page, you will see an option of Gram Panchayat Voter List by clicking on it.
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  • After clicking on this option, a new page will open in front of you, in which you will have to follow some rules and details.
    ails have to be filled and click on ok button
  • After this a new enter PASE will open in front of you, in which you have to click on the download option.
    After clicking to give, its pdf list will be saved in your mobile or computer.
  • Then you get the print out from your nearest csc or any other service center and you will get your voter id card.
    After this you can vote for the Rajya Sabha and assembly elections of your area.