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Blood Clotting : This blood It’s called clotting. It is a complex process when blood comes out from any part of the body. then present in blood platelets The chemical substance secreted from the blood reacts with the proteins of the blood and turns into a substance called prothromboplastin.

blood clotting

  • Prothromboplastin + Ca of blood,→ Thromboplastin is formed.
  • fibrin + RBC, → blood clot

This prothromboplastin From thromboplastin is formed. This thromboplastin converts prothrombin to activated thrombin.

This thrombin fibrinogen In insoluble fibrin converts to. These insoluble fibrins form a fine mesh-like structure that entangles the platelets and stops the flow of blood and forms a blood clot.

Heparin (antiprothrombin) found in human blood prevents blood from clotting in blood vessels, that is, maintains it in a fluid state.

in blood bank Human blood can be stored for 30 days, Human blood in the bank with sodium nitrate and dextrate (soluble carbohydrate) Mixing 4ºC keep on.

The blood maintains the temperature of the body the same (same). It was first proved by William Harvey and Marseille Malpidhi that human circulation ducts Happens in