Blood Platelets – Mygkbook

Blood Platelets – These thrombocyte also say.

  • These are fragments of a larger cell, not real cells.
  • their size RBC, And WBC smaller than (2-3 muμm) happens.
  • They are also made in the bone marrow itself.
  • Their lifespan is up to 1 week.
  • Their main function is to make blood clots.

Serum : After coagulation of blood, some yellowish substance remains which is called serum. Fibrinogen protein is not found in it because it is converted into fibrin during coagulation. Antibodies are also not found in serum.

  • blood = Plasma + Blood cells (RBCWBC, Platelets).
  • plasma = Blood – Blood cells.
  • Serum , plasma – Fibrinogen + Antibodies,