Complete Information for Online MBA Courses in India

Once regarded as an elite elite educational qualification, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has become ubiquitous since its arrival in India nearly 70 years ago. Nowadays, an MBA degree is considered an entry-level qualification for many jobs.

The demand for MBA degrees in India is so high that more than 5,500 educational institutions, including many private universities, offer two-year full-time courses or four-year online programs, along with 20 topnotch business schools. Some 350,000 students graduate as MBAs from private and some government colleges.

MBA full form

Master of Business Administration

bad news first

Here comes the flip side: Students from highly ranked Indian business schools do not face any barriers to getting employed. But of the approximately 350,000 MBA holders from other government and private universities, seven to 10 percent are employed. Those who do find jobs find themselves poorly paid – around Rs 10,000 a month, a study conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India showed.

The main hurdle these graduates face in getting jobs is the lack of skills that are traditionally needed to do with the prestigious MBA degree. In such a scenario, it is important for students aspiring to study for an MBA course, especially online, to choose an educational institution that is reputed and whose graduates are employable.

and now there’s good news

With some basic precautions, a student can avoid an uncertain future by pursuing an online MBA from a reputed institute. Keeping in mind the high demand, many acclaimed universities in India and abroad are offering online courses. These online MBA courses are not cheap by any standard, but provide students with the flexibility to learn or work together to combine other courses to complement their degree.

Still others can get an online MBA to improve their businesses. The All India Council for Technical Education states that 35,000 to 40,000 MBA graduates are required every year in managerial positions for the Indian private and public sectors. It is therefore imperative that those aspiring for an online MBA should be aware of the various dimensions of pursuing the programme.

The Difference Between an Online, Distance Education and Regular MBA Programs

There are three different types of MBA programs, each tailored to meet the specific needs of students. Online, distance learning or campus study, MBA program is quite tough and requires intense dedication to pursue it. While those studying on campus have to attend traditional classroom lectures, participate in workshops and execute projects, those who pursue an online MBA can do so at any part of the day, from any location via PCs and Laptops. You can participate in virtual classes from

The syllabus for both the courses is same. However, those pursuing an online MBA do enjoy the flexibility of various Internet-based facilities such as online discussions and discussion boards, chatting, email and downloading course materials to a computer for leisure reading. The rigorous curriculum stipulates that only interested students enroll for an online MBA. Both the courses have four semesters.

Some universities offer MBA through distance education but not online. Students enrolling for a purely distance learning MBA are required to purchase books and other study materials from the university or bookstores. Along with such universities, exams are also conducted at designated centers across the country and not online.

Online MBA Program to enroll for Basic Requirements

These may vary by institution. To qualify for online MBA, students need to be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university. Also, they have to qualify MAT, CAR, GMAT, XAT type of qualifying exam with score card which is less than 24 months at the time of application.

Some online universities also conduct their own entrance exams. Most universities stipulate that applicants have at least two years of work experience or have their own business to ensure that they have sufficient practical exposure to a variety of opportunities and challenges. Some degree of relaxation of work clause is given to applicants from remote areas and villages, where industrialization has not yet taken a hit.

Money Matters but not always

Broadly speaking, an online MBA can cost anything from Rs. 40,000 to 15 lakhs depending on the university. Generally, the cost of an online MBA ranges between Rs 70,000 to Rs 15 lakh. The pricing is based on the facilities offered to the students which may include virtual classrooms, 24×7 chat and hotline, detailed course material and counselling.

The pricing spectrum makes an online MBA affordable for students from various economic backgrounds. Those who want to take educational loan can check with their banks whether such facility is offered for online MBA from the university of their choice.

The Top Colleges for Online MBAs in India

1. Symbiosis Institute of Distance Learning

Symbiosis is one of the top educational institutions in India. An MBA from Symbiosis is well respected and helps professionals to secure better prospects for the future

2, NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education

NMIMS located in Mumbai, Maharashtra is rated as a top business school in India. An online MBA from NMIMS recognizes the high quality of education offered by the same traditional curriculum.

3. Indira Gandhi National Open University

Over the years, IGNOU, New Delhi, has emerged as an educational institution for those unable to attend classroom courses. IGNOU offers online MBA which has nationwide recognition. The lowest fee for online MBA course in IGNOU is Rs. 40,000.

4. Pondicherry University

Students looking to make a career in India’s lucrative travel and tourism sector can consider an online MBA from Pondicherry University. The Puducherry-based university offers a full two-year online MBA program that specializes in tourism.

5. Osmania University

Osmania University is the seventh oldest university in India. It is also known as one of the pioneers of distance education in India. Students who enroll for the online MBA course with Osmania University, Hyderabad can be assured of high quality training by experienced professionals.

6. Annamalai University

A selection of eight specialized MBA programs and over a dozen Post Graduate Management Diploma courses are offered online by Annamalai University. The online MBA offers by Annamalai University located in Annamalainagar, Tamil Nadu include E-Business, International Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and others.

7. Bharathiar University

Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Bharathiar University offers various online MBAs through its Distance Learning Center. Bharathiar University was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu and its online MBA programs are quite popular due to its rigorous training.

8. MIT School of Distance Education

Another premier educational institution in India, MIT Pune offers a wide variety of online MBA courses specializing in HR, Marketing, Materials Management, Operations, Finance, IT and Supply Chain Management and more.

9. Netaji Subhas Open University

Netaji Subhash Open University Management Program for working professionals and students, a preferred destination for online learning in Eastern and North East India. In recent years, the number of people seeking admission to the Kolkata-based Open University has been increasing.

10. Maharshi Dayanand Open University

Also offers online MBA courses from its Distance Learning Center in Rohtak, Haryana. The fees charged by Maharishi Dayanand University are quite affordable and accessible to those who are just pursuing their career.

About a dozen universities located in the UK, US and Australia offer online MBA programs in India. His degree is well recognized. The syllabus is similar to that offered by these educational institutions on campus.


Many private universities across India also offer online MBA courses. Before selecting any university on the basis of their website and offerings, it would work well to keep an eye on their graduate employability rate. Many graduates from various MBA universities offering online MBA courses find themselves unfit for work due to lack of skills expected from such degree holders. Meaning his degrees were not even worth the paper on which they are printed.

Checklist for Students to Avoid Frustration

Here are some important tips that can help you choose an online MBA course

1. Credentials:

There are scores of universities offering online MBAs. Before enrolling for one, it is important to check the credentials of the university you have chosen. These include checks about university backers.

2. Faculty

A good look at the faculty of universities that offer online MBA programs will give you a better understanding of the quality of instruction. Social media and other online tools can help students find out how successful their future mentors were.

3. Employment rates

Everyone does an MBA program for better career prospects. The employability rate among MBA graduates is 10 percent or less. Check how many online MBA graduates from your university/college are employed and where. This will give you an idea of ​​the university’s stand on the job chart.

4. Online Resources:(Online resources)

Online resources are the backbone of any distance learning MBA program. A visit to university websites will reveal how many resources they provide. Some of these resources may not be displayed on the website. Try and trace other students if possible. You can post questions on Facebook, Quora and other social networking websites to get proper answers. But remember that some of these universities employ trolls who answer your questions with false and tall claims.

5. Accreditation and foreign associates

Some prestigious universities are recognized by their foreign counterparts abroad. Look for accreditation and certification from a foreign university or organization that lends such credit.

6. Value for money

Check whether the specific online MBA program you take is in demand in India or abroad. Compare costs with other universities that offer courses online and find out what resources they offer for distance learning students. Money once paid is rarely reimbursed by a university.