Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai

Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai – In this article we will tell you how day and night are (How is Day and Night in Hindi)

Friends, people often try to know how day and night are (Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai) But due to not getting the right information, they are not able to know about how day and night happen.

Well you must have known that Day And night happens every day. But for your information, let us tell you that a day and a night are of 24 hours. In which a day is of 12 hours and a night is of 12 hours.

Well day and night be one Natural There is an incident about which you must have heard and read in childhood, although you must have heard these things in childhood, then it is obvious that you will not remember. That’s why we show you how day and night happens in this article (Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai) If you are going to get acquainted with its information, then read this article completely –

Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai |  How is day and night here?

Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai

How is day and night (Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai in Hindi)

For your information, let us tell you how day and night happen (Din Raat Kaise Hota Hai) Our earth keeps rotating on its axis continuously. and continues to revolve around the Sun. And our Earth completes its full orbit around the Sun in 24 hours.

When the earth rotates or rotates on its axis, at that time the part which is in front of the sun. There is daylight, that is, there is day. And the part which is saved from the rays of the sun, there is darkness, that is, there is night. As mentioned above, there is a day and a night of 24 hours. In which one day 12 hours and one night 12 Hours.

Although we do not feel the rotation of our earth. Because our earth always rotates at the same speed. That’s why we do not feel the rotation of the earth at all.

If we talk about the rotation of the Earth and the Sun, then the Earth completes one revolution of the Sun in 365 days i.e. in 1 year 6 hours 48 minutes. Simply put, it takes a year and there are 365 days in the year.

But the remaining 6 hours and 48 minutes are added to the next fourth year, that is, 6 hours of four years together become 24 hours. Due to which a lip year comes every four years, which has 366 days. That is, there are 29 days in the month of February. The one day that is left is added to February itself.

How Day and Night are Formed

The Sun is situated at one place in its space and revolves around its earth axis and completes one revolution in 24 hours. And when the Earth completes one revolution in 365 days at the time of its path,

This is the reason that while the Earth revolves around the Sun, when the Sun’s rays fall in some area of ​​the Earth, that is the day. And the area where the sun’s rays do not fall, it is night. That is, the Earth revolves around the Sun, only then there are day and night.

Although the duration of day and night are not the same, that is to say, the days are long, then the nights are short. And while the nights are longer, the days are shorter, in fact it is the result of the tilt of the Earth’s axis.

Let us tell you that the Earth has no real axis. When the earth rotates, two such points are formed, one in the north and the other in the south, which when joined by a straight line form an axis similar to the axis of a bicycle wheel. on which they roam.

When the earth keeps rotating, it keeps on rotating making an angle of 66 degrees with the plane. Therefore the Earth is tilted by 23 degrees, and due to this tilt the day and night become shorter and longer.

But for your information, let us tell you that 21 June and 22 December are two such dates, in which the sunlight does not spread in equal parts in the earth due to the tilt of the earth’s axis.

Why do the Days get Shorter in Winter

Due to increasing day and night, it is according to the season. But the main reason for this is the tilt of the Earth. Because the Earth is at an inclination of 23.5 degrees on its axis. And the tilt of the earth is not towards the sun but in the opposite direction.

Due to this, the Sun is not very high in the sky and remains above the horizon for some time, resulting in the reduction of daylight and darkness. Due to which there are shorter days in winter.

Apart from this, let us tell you that as the planet rotates in its orbit, the inclination of its axis with the Sun changes. At one time of the year, the Earth’s South Pole is tilted toward the Sun, and at other times the North Pole faces the Sun. Because of this, the length of day and night varies throughout the year.

Day Night Change (Din Raat Me Parivartan)

There are places on our earth where the sunlight keeps falling for some months. That is, the day remains the same. And that part is the Norwegian part of the Earth, where there is sunshine for 6 months, which means that there are days for only six months.

And all this is due to the rotation of our earth day and night. Because when the earth rotates. Then the sun’s rays fall on some part of the earth where there is day. And where the sun’s rays do not fall on any part of the earth, there is night. And all this happens day and night due to the rotation of our earth (Din Raat Hota Hai)


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