Do Digital Marketing Course from Google for Free with Certificate. Google Free Digital Marketing Course With Certificate

What Do you know that the world’s most famous search engine and leading digital marketing course is offered by Google for free?

In fact, there are 125 free online Google digital marketing courses with certificates for beginner and medium level digital marketers.

If this sounds interesting, read on.

Google, as the world leader in search engines and the owner of YouTube, helps people acquire and hone various digital marketing skills.

Therefore, it offers free courses created by its own experts or faculty from respected colleges and universities in the US.

10 Free Google Digital Marketing Courses

You can try any of these top 10 free online digital marketing courses with certificates from Google. You can learn all these courses.

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This is one of the top digital marketing courses from Google. With 26 modules of 40 hours duration, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is the first course any aspiring digital marketer or fresher should take.

It is accredited by the Open University and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe. The course is created by Google Trainers.

In this course, you will learn some of the top digital marketing skills, including analytics and data insights, business strategy and content marketing, display advertising, e-commerce, email marketing, mobile marketing and search engine marketing.

It also includes modules on Search Engine Optimization and other digital marketing resources. This certificate course is a must for every digital marketer.

2. Promote Business with Content | Promote a Business with Content

Content is the king of any website or blog and any business Business plays an important role in promoting to reach customers Content Learn how to harness the power of.

This course teaches effective use of content marketing on video, text, social media to grow business.

Consisting of four modules spanning three hours, the course modules include ‘Notice with Social Media’, ‘Deep Dive into Social Media’, ‘Make the Most of Videos’ and ‘Get Started with Content Marketing’.

This is a beginner course for digital marketers struggling with content for blogs, websites, videos and social media posts.

3. Promote Business with Online Advertising.Promote a Business with Online Advertising

With five modules in three hours, you will learn how to create a successful advertising and marketing strategy for your website, blog or employer.

The course helps to understand how email marketing, video and display advertising are essential for growing your business business and using them effectively.

Key skills you will learn from these modules include local marketing, business strategy, eCommerce, email marketing, social media, video, display advertising, search engines marketing and search engine optimization.

This course is ideal for freshers or mid-level digital marketers who wish to develop better skills.

4. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

This course is designed by the University of California and promoted by Coursera. The 13-hour course covers basic SEO techniques. Course Helps you understand search engine algorithms, organic searches and their effects on results.

This course covers SEO Strategy, Keyword Selection, Consumer Psychology consumer psychology, and search patterns Also provides skills to develop search patterns and behaviours.

This course consists of four modules, each taught by Google trainers at the University of California Designed by Instructors. SEO is one of the complex parts of digital marketing and plays a vital role in the success of any digital marketing campaign.

This is also a great course for beginners who want to specialize in SEO or hone their SEO skills.

5. Send Professional Emails|Send Professional Emails

Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing, whether you are operating your own blog or business website. Most people consider email marketing to be a passive and now redundant part of digital marketing.

This is far from the truth. In fact, people are more than willing to participate with their email id and get frequent updates from your organization provided something interesting happens.

The course consists of a single module – a video tutorial – of one hour. Despite its short length, you’ll learn great skills like how to write different parts of an email and engaging.

It also teaches how to create automated responses, email engagement and email templates, and more.

6. Plan effective meetings.Plan Effective Meetings

Effectively Plan Effective Meetings Teach one of the most important skills in digital marketing. And that is webinar marketing.

This is a simple, one-hour course where you will gain skills on how to plan effective sales and marketing meetings, online training and live presentations and promotions using a video conferencing platform.

This one hour course consists of one video. However, don’t underestimate the power of this course. In the post-Covid-19 world, the focus is now increasingly shifting to online meetings and webinars.

Hence, this course is a must for any digital marketer who wants to make a mark after the lockdown that brought the world to a standstill. It helps in maintaining social distance and enhances the ability to work from home.

7. Understand customer needs and online behavior.Understand Customer Needs & Online Behaviors

As the title suggests, this digital marketing course from Google is all about tracking your customers and their habits. In this sense, it is a basic course on data analysis.

The course consists of three modules in one hour with easy video tutorials. This beginner’s course also includes end-of-course assessments and easy-to-use tips.

Modules are starting with analytics, successful use of analytics and how to convert data into analytics.

For every digital marketer, data analysis helps to understand the success or failure of their online campaigns and presence as well as online advertising. The course helps you learn the effective use of data analytics that can grow businesses.

8. Connect with customers on mobile.Connect with Customers over Mobile

This free online digital marketing course with certificates by Google consists of two modules with study time of only one hour.

Despite its short duration, this course teaches skills such as advertising on mobile, search campaigns for mobile, display campaigns for mobile, social media campaigns, and video for mobile.

It also covers the development of mobile devices, understanding the mobile web, and mobile apps.

With easy to understand video tutorials, implementation tips and end of topic assessments, the course is vital for every digital marketer who wants to learn how businesses can grow their online presence, generate leads and use simple mobile processes. You can convert potential customers by using them.

Google does not provide certification for this course.

9. How to grow and secure your online campaign.How to Enhance & Protect Your Online Campaign

Offering 12 modules spanning a duration of seven hours, this course helps you learn how to manage an online campaign information while keeping it secure. The course teaches the use of various tools and resources that you will need for this purpose.

In these videos, we explore how to use online platforms to reach and engage your audience, and how to measure and maintain a successful and secure campaign online.

This is a great course as it covers everything from social media and email campaigns to leveraging the power of mobile marketing, optimizing various online marketing techniques, data protection, data analysis and lead generation, among others.

For beginners to mid-level digital marketers, it will prove to be very useful.

10. Marketing in the Digital World |Marketing in a Digital World

Created by University of Illinois Gies Business and promoted by Coursera, Marketing in the Digital World is a comprehensive, 30-hour course consisting of four modules.

You will acquire the skills to use digital tools such as computers and smartphones for the marketing business, along with the use of Three-Dimensional (3D) printing and other technologies that really matter nowadays.

This course is actually part of the IMBA online course available from the University of Illinois. Hence, this digital marketing course from Google not only teaches some essential elements of digital marketing, but its certificate also helps in boosting your career prospects.

It is available from Google on an ‘audit’ basis, which means it comes with some limitations as compared to university students.

in conclusion

These Top 10 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificate by Google are useful for many things. You can upload the certificate to your LinkedIn profile to search for jobs or to impress others.

Plus, they provide opportunities to learn directly from Google’s own experts. Try any of these great courses to make a great digital marketing career.