Functions of the Digestive System – Mygkbook

functions of the digestive system


  • In some people, the length of the alimentary canal increases. And this alimentary canal enters the testicular sac in the male while it gets deposited near the abdomen of the female, which is called hernia.


  • If the length of the blood vessels increases and comes out of the large intestine, then there is a discharge of blood while passing stool, which is called piles.

bariatric surgery

  • This is a popular way to remove obesity.
  • In this, the length of the small intestine is reduced, due to which the demand for food is reduced by the body and it is slowly removed.


  • When a large amount of food is eaten, the food quickly enters the small intestine from the stomach. And the HCl present in this food starts burning the walls of the small intestine. This ulcer is called.
  • An instrument called an endoscopy is used to locate the ulcer.
  • Endoscopy is based on total internal reflection.


  • After the process of digestion the digested food is absorbed.

buccal cavity

  • Here only the absorption of drugs takes place.


It absorbs water, simple sugars and alcohols.