Gas Cylinder Kaise Book Karen? How to book gas online

You also know that one of the major needs of our kitchen is a gas cylinder, there was a time when it was very difficult to book a gas cylinder, but in today’s digital age, you can now use your mobile phone and internet. Through this you can book gas cylinders sitting at home. But if you don’t know Gas Booking Kaise Karen So today I will tell you three such ways to book a gas cylinder from the phone, so that you will be able to book your gas without going to the gas agency sitting at home.

Keeping in mind the facilities of the general public, the government has provided the facility of Online Gas Cylinder Book, for this you just have to call the IVR number of your city gas cylinder booking from the phone and follow some details.

Apart from this, you can save your time by booking a cylinder from your phone through SMS and online. But for this, it is very important for you to know Online Gas Booking Kaise Karen (How to Book Gas Cylinder), whose complete information I have given you in this article.

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Gas Booking Kaise Karen

Gas Cylinder Kaise Book Kare

Looking at the convenience of the consumer, Gas Agency has provided the facility of booking Gas Cylinder through Mobile Phone and Internet for its customers. At present, you can book Gas Cylinder through many methods like Call, SMS, Online and Whatsapp, So now let me tell you about these methods in detail:

how to book gas by calling

  1. First of all call on the IVRS number of your city.
  2. Now you will hear the voice of a computer asking you to select the language.
  3. You select your language, now you will be asked whether you want to make a complaint, want information about refill, or want to book a refill.
  4. You select the number containing the refill book.
  5. Now you will be told the booking number along with your consumer number and will be asked to book the refill.
  6. By selecting that number, your refill has been booked, whose message you will also get.

How to book gas cylinder through SMS

Today we will tell you how to book Gas Cylinder through Phone SMS.

Step 1: Register your mobile number on Gas Agency

For booking through SMS, first of all you have to register your number on Gas Agency, after that you can book Gas Cylinder by SMS from the same number itself.

Step 2: Type Message

For this, go to the SMS Box and type “Name of your Gas Agency (IOC) (HP, Indian, Bharat) Distributor Phone Number With STD CodeConsumer Number and then send it to the IVR number of the city. for example IOC 07612425666 QX00528C to your city’s IVR NO. Send it on.

Step 3: Book Your Cylinder

Now you get a message from the Gas Agency, in which you are provided with all the information about Gas Cylinder Booking.

online gas cylinder booking

If you want to book gas cylinder online from your mobile or computer, then for that we are telling you some steps below, by following which you can book cylinder.

Step 1: Open Website

First of all to book you cylinder Mylpg.In will go on

Step 2: Submit Your LPG ID

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you will have to enter a 17 digit LPG ID, if you do not know the LPG ID, then go to Click Here to know.

Step 3: Click On Submit Button

Now you have to fill the 17 digit LPG ID and then submit it.

Step 4: Login

Now a new page will open, there you will have to login with your User Name and ID.

Step 5: Fill Details

After login, you have to fill some details for LPG Gas Booking by clicking on Take Order Your Refill.

Step 6: Book Your Cylinder

Now you have to click on the button shown below so that you can have your Cylinder Book, now you have a Cylinder Book for which you will get a message.

book gas cylinder from agency

  1. This method is very simple and simple, you do not have to do much in this, you just have to take the passbook of your gas agency and go to your own gas agency.
  2. You can request the assistant sitting there to book a cylinder so that he will book your cylinder from his computer, in this way your cylinder will be booked.

Whatsapp Se Gas Booking Kaise Karen

Nowadays gas agency has provided the facility to book gas cylinder through WhatsApp, which is very easy and simple, for this you have to follow the steps given below in which I have learned about booking Indane, HP and Bharat Gas Cylinder. It is stated in:

Whatsapp to Indane Gas Booking Kaise Karte Hain

If you are an Indane Gas user, then you can follow the steps given below to book gas through Whatsapp:

  1. first you 7588888824 Save the number in your mobile.
  2. Now open WhatsApp and send REFILL# in the message to the saved number from the registered mobile number, in a few seconds you will get the cylinder booking details along with the delivery date in the reply.

Whatsapp to HP Gas Cylinder Kaise Book Karen

To book Bharat Gas through WhatsApp, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. for this you 1800224344 Save the number on your phone.
  2. Now open Whatsapp and send it to the saved number of Bharat Gas by writing Hello in the message.
  3. Now you will get a message from Bharat Gas Agency, you have to send it by writing a book in reply.
  4. In a few seconds you will get the cylinder booking details in which it will come that your cylinder will be delivered on this day.

Whatsapp to HP Gas Book Kaise Karen

  1. Its Consumer Number for HP Gas Booking 9222201122 Save it in your mobile or android phone
  2. After that open Whatsapp.
  3. Write a book in the message on the saved number and send it.
  4. In no time you will get the details of cylinder delivery.

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Indian Gas Booking IVRS Number’s

State IVRS Number
Madhya Pradesh 7718955555
Gujarat 7718955555
Jharkhand 7718955555
Andra Pradesh 7718955555
Haryana 7718955555
Maharashtra 7718955555
Kerala 7718955555
Karnataka 7718955555
Rajasthan 7718955555
Odisha 7718955555
Punjab 7718955555
Tamil Nadu 7718955555
Telangana 7718955555
Uttar Pradesh 7718955555
West Bengal 7718955555


Hope you have got complete information about how to do online gas booking today’s post. Gas Kaise Book Karen Everything about it would be well understood.

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