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Compared to other states in India, Gujarat is a very technology based state. State e-governance is the best in the country E-Governance PlatformsIs one of them. E-Nagar is one such technology based project of Gujarat. The portal offers a wide range of citizen-centric services. Citizens of the state can use the portal efficiently for all kinds of services from estate, water, tax to marriage registration.

Government of India Digital India Is adopting new technology to make it happen. As well as by the Government of Gujarat Digital Gujarat New services are being implemented in the matter. The state of Gujarat is providing the best services in the country in terms of e-governance. Including citizen centric services like Digital Gujarat Portal, Digital Service Bridge, Online Job Application Portal (OJAS) Etc. Many services are done online. In addition, the Gujarat government has made it possible for the citizens of the municipalities to get their facilities easily e Nagar Mobile Application Launched. Through this article we will get information about e-town.

Gujarat eNagar Mobile App

By Government of Gujarat E-town mobile application Launched. This mobile application provides many services online for the citizens of the municipal area. Through this article we will discuss about e-town portal in detail. We will discuss in detail what kind of services are provided online on this portal. Readers will find information on how to register on this portal.

Name of the scheme eNagar Gujarat Login Registration
Language Gujarati and English
Objective Citizens without going to government office
For the purpose of getting services
Beneficiary All citizens of the municipality
Help Citizen services can be accessed through one’s own mobile,
So as to get rid of going to face to face offices.
Official Website Click Here
e-Nagar Mobile
Application Download
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e nagar Helpline Toll-Free Number– 18002335522

E-mail – [email protected]

e Nagar Mobile Application

For the citizens of the municipality by the Government of Gujarat e nagar Gujarat Portal Has been started. Through which the citizens of the state can register births, deaths and marriages online. In order to know the transparency, accountability and responses of the people in the administration of municipalities.

eNagar Project covers 10 Modules with 52 services Property Tax |  Professional Tax |  Water & Drainage |  Complaint Module / Grievance redressal |  Building Permission 8. Fire & Emergency Services |  Registration of Marriage |  Land & Estate Management |  License module | Hall Booking
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e Nagar Application Services

This article should try to get information about the services provided by e-Nagar mobile application. These services are available for all the municipalities of Gujarat. e Nagar Portal has tried to make the benefit of more than 52 services available in 10 modules online. The following is information about the online services of 10 modules.

Building Permission

New building permits can be obtained online. And building permits can be licensed. And the list of those applicants can also be seen.

Complaint / Grievance Redressed

Citizens of Municipalities and Corporations can register their grievances online. Troubleshoot problems related to water, sewer, roads, street lights, sanitation, etc. of the town.

Fire and Emergency Services

One can apply for Fire NOC online through e-Nagar mobile application. In case of fire, you can avail the benefit by making an emergency call.

Land and Estate Management

Citizens will be able to pay property rent through this application. Citizens will also be able to transfer applications and pay installments online. CSR will also be able to carry out activity, new contracts, contract cancellations and lease agreements through e-town.

License Module

People from the municipality or corporation area will be able to apply online to create new news outlets or any other shop. Shops will be able to register themselves for changes in the organization, the facility of canceling or canceling the online registration of the shop has been provided. Applicants are provided with the facility to obtain duplicate license.

Property Tax

Property tax can be paid through E Nagar Application. Online complaint registration, request registration services will be available. Property valuation, self-assessment facilities and registration of new tenants can also be done.

Professional Tax

People of the municipality or metropolis will get the online application service of EC and RC through this application. Citizens will also be able to pay EC. In Professional Tax, applicants will be able to change their name, address and category. In addition the bank will be able to get online service for updating details, cancellation requests and EC exemption.

Marriage Registration

Citizens of the municipality and the corporation will not have to go to the office in person for registration after getting married. Will be able to apply online through E Nagar Portal. Citizens will be able to download their marriage certificate Gujarat online through E Nagar Seva.

Water and Drainage

Citizens of municipalities and corporations will be able to do so through new registrations for water and drainage. The application for re-tapping will be available online application service, application for plumber’s license and application for renewal of plumber’s license can be done through e-town mobile application.

Hall Booking

Halls are needed for a wedding ceremony or other social occasion in a municipal area. With this in mind, information about vacant halls can be obtained, online hall registration can be done and it can be canceled.

eNagar Portal Registration

Citizens of Gujarat have to first register on e-Nagar portal to avail online services through e-Nagar portal. Citizens can easily register online on the portal. The following steps can be followed for online registration.

  • Step-1 Go to the official website of Gujarat eNagar Portal released by Gujarat Government.
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  • Step-2 Click on the ‘Register’ option on the Home Page. When you click on the register button a new page will open.
eNagar Gujarat Login |  e-Nagar Palika |  enagar registration | |  Department Login |  Search |  Transaction Charges |  Hall
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  • Step-3 Enter your mobile number, email ID in the newly opened Citizen Login register form. Then create a password for your ID. Now enter the Captcha Code.
  • Step-4 By filling in the information as above “GENERATE OTP” Click on
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  • Step-5 After generating OTP, a new form will appear in it. You will have to enter the OTP on your mobile. In which by entering OTP and click on Submit button.

Gujarat eNagar Login Process @

e-Nagar Portal After registering on, your login and password will come. Based on the newly created login and password, we will learn the details of how to login on e-Nagar portal.

  • Step-1Go to the Home Page of eNagar Gujarat. It will show two login options. In which click on Citizen Login.
Free Gujarat e Nagar Mobile Login |  e Nagar registration process |  E nagar mobile application e-nagar seva |  e nagar gujarat gov in |  e nagar portal eNagar Gujarat Login |  e-Nagar Palika |  enagar registration |
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  • Step-2 Clicking on Citizen Login will open a pop up window for login. In which the user has to enter the mobile number and password, enter the Captcha Code and click on the Login button.
  • Step-3 Clicking on the Citizen Login button of e-Nagar Portal will open a new page. The new page will have a detailed civil registration form. Enter the details like login details, personal details and user details and address etc. and click on submit button at the end of the page.
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FAQ of Gujarat e Nagar Portal
  • Who can register on E Nagar Portal?
    • Citizens of Gujarat can register on this portal. And people from municipalities and municipal areas can register for their civil services.
  • What features are available in Quick Pay on e-Nagar portal.
    • Services like property tax, professional tax, clerk’s license are available online through this portal. Applicants also get instant payment facility.
  • How to get online services through e-Nagar mobile application?
    • Register online for license, hall booking, property tax, profession tax, marriage registration etc. As well as estate management can also be done online.
  • How is the service received through the Receipt tab through e-Nagar Mobile application?
    • Receipt of each payment as well as digitally signed certificate can be downloaded.
  • What services are available in e-Nagar mobile app in dashboard and request list?
    • Approval, rejection or pending status of applications can be found in this portal. User can do 24 × 7 online status tracking.