How and how to write resume in email [हिन्दी मे] |What to Write in an Email When Sending a Resume For Job?

When applying for your dream job, sending just one resume won’t always work. You must complete this with a cover letter to maximize your chances of being considered for the job role(s). And for that you should know what to write in email while sending resume.

Now, what is a cover letter? For those who don’t yet know what a cover letter is, it is simply a letter that goes along with your resume, where you write how you are the right fit for the role, and why you are the right candidate.

In this article, you will find all the tips and tricks to write a perfect cover letter that will help you further increase your chances of selection.

Often, the cover letter you will write will be written in an email form. Therefore, the next time you apply for a job, always write an attractive cover letter along with your resume.

Some basic information by which you can write captivating your cover letter. |The Basic guide to writing a captivating cover letter

It is important to know the basics of writing a cover letter in an email. Here are some basic tips that you can follow when writing a cover letter on paper or in an email.

1. Do not write a generic cover letter and copy-paste it while applying for different jobs. Recruiters (Employers) They are good at figuring out what is copy and what is original. So, take a few minutes and think. Then, write a letter explaining why you’re excited for that job, and how the job will help you make your dreams come true.

2. How to Write a Formal Email for a Job Application Begin the letter with a formal salutation. Use the correct salute with the full name; Avoid using generic titles. If you’re not sure of the title based on the name, omit the title and use a formal salutation.

3. Begin the letter with a catchy line. There is no need to mention your name if you have something else to start with. Your name and letter of introduction are already on your resume, so you need to focus on showing the recruiter how excited you are about the job. For example- “I am really excited and excited to apply for this job in your company/organization.” Also write why you are interested in the job Huh.

4. In the email body to send a resume or cover letter, you should go beyond the scope of your resume. what does this mean? This means that you should use this opportunity to reveal your personality which you cannot mention in your resume. It’s no use explaining what you’ve already put on your resume. While writing this part, ask yourself the following questions-

What challenges did you face while handling those responsibilities?

How can you elaborate on your professional life while keeping it brief?

How do your work ethic, hobbies and personality align with the job you are applying for?

5. That’s not how the company will help you; In this way you will help the company. You don’t need to mention how the company will help you. You already know about it; So, without mentioning the perks you get, mention how you will help the company. Try to identify the areas where the company needs to improve and mention how you will be an asset to the company.

6. Market yourself and show the right skills. Don’t hesitate to show off your personal side and the skills you’ve perfected over the years. Also mention the areas that you need to work on as it will add genuineness to your candidature.

7. Highlight experiences that match your job profile. This is an important thing that you should mention in your cover letter. Look up the job description or the roles you need to fulfill. Taking into account all the requirements, mention experiences that justify your candidature and that you find a perfect fit for the company.

8. Justify the difference in your resume and other things that need clarification. This is a great thing to do if you are legally serious about the job. There is no perfect resume and that’s why a cover letter serves to explain small mistakes or career gaps, career switches etc. With writing skills and honest explanation, you can give strength to your candidacy.

9. Include some numbers and figures in your cover letter. Yes, you heard it right. Adding up numbers such as percentages and increases in previous years of your career or during your training will have a positive impact on the recruiter.

10. Mention a few words that your previous employers said about you. Do this when you can’t send testimonials directly. This would be a great thing to do in your cover letter and it’s definitely going to make a better impression.

11. Set the right tone and find your voice. When writing a cover letter, it becomes very difficult to find the right tone. Sometimes it becomes very serious while following the formality. Therefore, find the right voice and tone by studying the company. Only after that you can set the right mood and tone when writing the letter.

12. Use a subtle tone without making the mistake of bragging. Yes, bragging isn’t that bad when you’re applying for the dream job. It really helps you to put yourself forward. So, don’t let the fear of bragging overwhelm you.

13. End the letter on a powerful/positive note. When ending the letter, don’t sound formal or bleak; Instead, sound powerful and don’t let the enthusiasm dampen you.

14. In terms of how to write a powerful cover letter or send a resume in an email, don’t forget to keep it short and crisp. Value the recruiter’s time. Be precise and end the cover letter on a positive note.

15. Last but not least, always edit the cover letter after writing it. Check it out for minor mistakes, accent changes, wording changes, and anything else that could make a cover letter better.

By taking care of all the above tricks, you can write a flawless and powerful cover letter that best defines you and your skills.

A well-written cover letter can maximize your chances of being considered and may even change your employer’s mind. So, write it with all the talent you have.

Some other quick tips for writing a compelling cover letter

Don’t boilerplate your cover letter. That means don’t write a single cover letter and send it everywhere. Personalize the cover letter to get the best response.


Writing a cover letter is not old school. Employers are fed up of seeing 1000 resumes without cover letters. It’s like an exhibition without the actual artist. So don’t be as stupid as others.

Always stay off the bandwagon and try to be as unique as you can. If you really want the job, then research about it and collect all the details before writing the cover letter. Doing so will help you make a better impression on the employer.

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