How To A Become Certified Chartered Accountant CA in India (Complete Guide in CA Course 2021 ) Some important information related to CA.

In this article we start by discussing how you can become a qualified CA and what you need to do as a CA.

Then we discuss all the small details about Chartered Accountant like course details, syllabus, qualification, best institutes, fees, salary and courses available after 10+2 and graduation e.t.c.

So to get a complete information you need to read the complete article.

How to Become a Certified Chartered Accountant (CA). Certified Chartered Accountant How to become a (CA)

The first question you want to ask is how do I become a qualified or certified Chartered Accountant (CA)?

You may be wondering what you mean by “qualified or certified Chartered Accountant”.

Any Chartered Accountant cannot be made; It is not like getting an MBA or a bachelor’s degree from a renowned college.

you then Certified Chartered Accountant When you become ICAI or Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Will be a member of an organization called the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

ICAI is a regulatory body that regulates the auditing and financial accounting profession in the country.

Later in this article we discuss in great detail how you can become a member of ICAI.

What does a Chartered Accountant do and how is they different from a Regular Accountant? What Does a Chartered Accountant do and how they are Different than a Regular Accountant?

Before I tell you what you have to do as a CA, it is important to know what is the difference between a certified CA and a regular accountant.

Anyone can call himself an accountant, but not everyone certified CA Not possible.

If you want to be a certified CA then you have to get membership of ICAI otherwise you will be just a Regular Accountant.

You may ask what would be your job as a Chartered Accountant.

One certified CA As a professional, you have to perform many tasks such as managing financial systems and budgets, conducting financial audits and providing financial advice.

You will need to conduct an independent audit of the company’s financial position.

A Complete Guide to Becoming a Certified CA. A Complete Guide for Becoming a Certified CA.

Here we will talk about the Chartered Accountant course in detail, how you can join the course and when to join.

To become a certified chartered accountant you have to follow the right steps.

You can join after 10th or after 12th or even after graduation.

we certified CA Before becoming a candidate, we will also talk about your qualifications.

Then we will also discuss the syllabus details and exams you have to appear, course fees etc.

In the end we will tell you about the salary and certified chartered accountant How hard is it to be, let’s end this article.

Qualification for Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant Qualification

1. A student who has passed CPT or Common Proficiency Test And have passed Senior Secondary Examination (10+2).

2. A candidate who is a graduate or post graduate in commerce with an aggregate of 55% by studying three papers Accounting, Auditing, Mercantile Laws etc.

3.Non Commerce Graduates need to have 60% or more marks.

chartered accountant course

Chartered Accountant Course

You can start Chartered Accountant course through CPT route.

After qualifying class 10th exam you have to first enroll with ICAI for CPC (Common Proficiency Course).

You can also appear in CPT exam after completing your Senior Secondary Examination or 10+2.

Making a Decision

Now you have to take a decision when you want to join CA course. There are three options.

You want to join after 10 or after 10+2 or after graduation. You have to make a call whether you want to start early or very late.

We discuss this issue in detail in the next paragraph.

Chartered Accountant course after 10th

Chartered Accountant Courses after 10th

You can join CA course as soon as possible. If you are serious then you can start after 10th.

You can register with the Board of Studies for CPT or Common Proficiency Test. You can also continue with your 10+2.

Both can be done together. There will be a lot of pressure on the child.

Chartered Accountant course after 10+2

Chartered Accountant Courses after 10+2

You can join after 10+2.

You have to appear and qualify for CPT or Common Proficiency Test.

Then you can join IPCC or Integrated Professional Compression Course. It is the second level of Chartered Accountancy examinations in India.

Graduation Chartered Accountant Courses after Graduation

If you come late then you can join after completing your graduation. Most of the candidates choose to join after graduation.

If you have B.Com degree then you can join CA course. There is direct admission for undergraduate students.

If you are a commerce graduate then you need 55% aggregate for direct admission in IPCC or Integrated Professional Qualification course, for other graduates it is 60%.

Chartered Accountant Course Syllabus

Chartered Accountant Course Syllabus

Well you can find the Chartered Accountant Course Syllabus divided into four stages.

Step 1: CPT or Common Proficiency Test

Step 1: CPT or Common Proficiency Test

There are two sessions in There is a paper with

Session 1:

Section A: Fundamentals of Accounting for 60 Marks

Section B: Mercantile Laws for 40 Marks

Session 2:

Section C: General Economics for 50 Marks

Section D: Quantitative Aptitude for 50 Marks

Stage 2: IPCC or Intermediate Integrated Professional Qualification Course

Step 2: IPCC or Intermediate Integrated Professional Competence Course

Group 1

Paper 1: Accounting (100 marks)

Paper 2: Business Laws, Ethics and Communication (100 marks)

Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial management (100 marks)

Paper 4: Taxation (100 marks)

Group 2

Paper 5: Advanced accounting (100 marks)

Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance (100 marks)

Paper 7: IT and Strategic Management (100 marks)

Step 3: ATC or Accounts Technician Course

Step 3: ATC or Accounting Technician Course

Paper 1: Accounting (100 marks)

Paper 2: Business Laws, Ethics and Communication (100 marks) Business Law, Ethics and Communication (100 marks)

Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial management (100 marks) Cost Accounting and Financial Management (100 marks)

Paper 4: Taxation (100 marks)

Step 4: Final Course

Step 4: Final Course

Paper 1: Financial Reporting (100 marks) Financial Reporting (100 marks)

Paper 2: Strategic Financial Management (100 marks) Strategic Financial Management (100 marks)

Paper 3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics (100 marks)Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics (100 marks)

Paper 4: Corporate Allied Laws and Ethics (100 marks)Corporate Allied Laws and Ethics (100 marks)

Paper 5: Advanced Management Accounting (100 marks)IT (100 marks)Advanced Management Accounting 100 marks) IT (100 marks)

Paper 6: Information Systems Control and Audit (100 marks) Information Systems Control and Audit (100 marks)

Paper 7: Direct Tax Laws (100 marks)Direct Tax Laws (100 marks)

Paper 8: Indirect Tax laws (100 marks) Indirect tax laws (100 marks)

Duration of Chartered Accountant Course

Chartered Accountant Course Duration

According to the latest news, the duration of the course for Chartered Accountant is now only three and a half years.

Earlier it was 5 years and 3 months but now ICAI has decided to reduce the duration of the course.

This news is really great for the students who want to join the course after 10+2.

Chartered Accountant Institutes

There are some great Chartered Accountant Institutes in the country. Here we mean coaching institutes.

Well there are good coaching institutes in every city but here we are going to give you some good names.

JK Shah Classes in Mumbai JK Shah Classes in Mumbai

Toppers Institute Topper’s Institute

The Institute if Chartered Accountants of India

Check in your city.

Chartered Accountant Course Fee

Chartered Accountant Courses Fees

Course fee city to city and institute institute Depends on the institute. So we can’t give you a fixed amount but we can help you with a tentative figure.

Registration fee Registration fee Around Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/-.

Article registration Article Registration Fee = Rs.2000/- to Rs.3000/-

Orientation Course Orientation Course Fee = Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/-

IT Training Course IT Training Course Fee = Rs.4000/- to Rs.6000/-

You need to inquire about the rates in your city.

Chartered Accountant Salary

You would like to know the salary of CA.

It depends what kind of CA you want to become. CA salary in India can start from Rs 600,000 per annum and can go up to Rs 50,000,00 per annum.

Apart from this, top CAs can also start their consultancy business and earn more money.

So money is good but you have to work hard.

How difficult is it to become a Chartered Accountant?

How Difficult is to be a Chartered Accountant?

Well! It depends on the candidate. If you are really serious about CA then you would love to become a CA. However if you have no interest then it is really difficult to become a CA.

Only 1 candidate out of 10 can become a CA. It is very tough because if you are short in getting even 1 mark then you cannot clear the exam.

So it’s really tough.

final thoughts

I would say if you are really interested then go for CA. If you love accounting and auditing then CA is for you.

Otherwise you can skip it and choose another line of work.

You also need to take the final decision when you want to take admission. Right timing is very important.

If you want, you can start the course only after 10th or 12th.

But if you are serious about CA, don’t wait for your graduation, join right after 10+2.

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