How to avoid being a victim of cybercrime in online gaming?


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in today’s article “Cyber ​​Safety Tips” going to tell , Victims of cybercrime in online gamingHow to avoid being

game Who does not like to play, whether this game is played online while sitting at home or outside in the field. But the trend of online gaming is growing very fast all over the world. Online games are being played from children to old people, as it does not require physical activity. You can play online or offline games sitting at home very easily in your mobile and electronic gadget like laptop or tablet.

Many big gaming companies have made the game in a similar way to play on platforms like mobiles, tablets and laptops so that they can be played easily.

Almost percent of the country’s population is playing online games, but Are you careful about online gaming or not?

in this article online games about to play Cyber ​​Safety Tips I am going to tell about it, we will understand it in detail.

Cyber ​​security tips for online gaming. How to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime in online gaming?

What is online gaming?

To understand online gaming, one has to understand its meaning first. Here online and gaming are two words. Online means internet, computer, mobile other capable electronic resource and gaming means playing games. When games are played online through internet on mobile, tablet or laptop, it will be called online gaming.

  1. For online gaming, it is necessary to have a smartphone or laptop, tablet.
  2. Internet is required for online gaming.
  3. In online gaming, you can play games with anyone in the world, it depends on the game.

Things to keep in mind while online gaming to avoid falling victim to cybercrime.

1. Login with which account.

For online games, two options are provided by the game developer to login to play the game.

  1. social media login,
  2. Guest login.

When you download any online game to your smartphone, when you open it and come to login, then you have the above two options.

1if you login as guest If you do, then you will not be asked for any kind of information other than name and age.

2. If you login with social account If you want to play the game then you have to login with that social account which means :-

  1. You have to login with username and password,
  2. In this case your social account gets linked to the game.
  3. Game developer can see your personal information in social account, because when you login with social account, game ask you permission regarding your personal information,
  4. Asks permission to access your smartphone’s camera, gallery, voice record and storage, and you give permission in the game.

Now you have to decide with which account to login for online gaming.

2. Pay attention while chatting in online gaming.

Now-a-days, the option of chat is also given in every online game, you can also chat by writing and speaking this chat. That is, a player can reach his expression to other players, but the main thing to note during the chat is that :-

  1. Never share your personal information with each other
  2. Do not give the User ID of your social account,
  3. If money is asked in any way or with sentimentality, then no one will answer,
  4. If you send any objectionable message, block it immediately.
  5. If someone sends an intrusive message, block it immediately.
  6. Don’t trust anyone blindly in online gaming,
  7. Do not give your mobile number, gmail id in the greed of virtual gifts found in online games,
  8. Do not open any website or link mentioned by the opposing player in the online game,
  9. Do not make friends and close friends with any player during online gaming.