How to avoid cyber frauds happening online? how to protect yourself from online cyber fraud.

In today’s article we will know that How to avoid cyber frauds happening online?“This topic is of great attention.

since the independence of the country 1947 till now 2021 The country has made a lot of progress in India, all the credit goes to all the citizens of the country. In 2021, many things in the country have become digital, that is, online. People sitting at home are available as per their requirement digital services is using. I will try my best to explain you through some examples such as :-

  1. shopping online,
  2. online money transaction,
  3. talking to each other online through social media sites,
  4. Other online work as available.

While the digital age provides many facilities to the citizens of the country, some people are misusing the digital services in this digital age for their selfishness and causing criminal incidents. whom we you Cyber ​​crimes says.

Cyber ​​crimes Which is to cause financial, mental, other damage to the people by misusing the computer / mobile / electronic device through the Internet. for cyber crime prevention Information and Technology Act 2000 was passed. In this act, a provision has been made for cyber crime and punishment and fine for its commission.

If precautions are taken, then falling prey to these cyber criminals can be avoided. For this, proper and protective use of computer / mobile / electronic device and internet should be known.

so today we will know

how to protect yourself from online cyber fraud.

How to avoid online cyber fraud?

Cybercriminals, every day find some new way to do online fraud, but if we take some precautions, we can avoid falling prey to them.

We should know what to pay attention to and what not to do. Everyone has a smartphone / laptop, so of course everyone also uses the Internet. Now how to use it protectively should also come.

1. Learn how to identify fake call messages or emails.

2. Pay attention during online shopping.

3. Identify Fake Jobs.

4. Do not download applications and software at the behest of unknown person.

Know all these in more detail, so that it is easy to understand and cyber fraud can be avoided.

1. Learn to recognize Fake Calls, Messages, Emails.

The main objective of cyber criminals is to harm you financially, they find new ways every day. In these ways, they make people their victims very easily. Be it a basic phone or a smart phone, everyone is using it.

These cyber criminals use mobile phones to cheat people. Fake Calls, Messages and Emails Do it like :-

  1. Making a phone call as an employee of a bank,
  2. Calling as an employee of an insurance company,
  3. Calling or informing through message or email on behalf of Online Lucky Draw,
  4. Fake calls, messages and emails in other ways,

If you receive any kind of call, message or email, and you are asked for the following information, then understand that This is cyber fraud

  1. Your personal information is solicited,
  2. Information related to your bank is asked,
  3. Debit card, credit card pin number is demanded,
  4. User ID and Password of Net Banking are demanded,
  5. or in any other way solicits your personal information or bank information,

So you do not have to tell any personal information and any bank related information at all when you receive any such type of call, message and email.

2. Pay attention while shopping online.

If you are also fond of online shopping, then you have to take care of the following things during online shopping such as :-

  1. Clothing, electronics, food items, medicine, and other goods and services available in the online market that you are willing to buy, all of these official website Go and order online only.
  2. During online shopping, do not save your credit card, debit card PIN and net banking username-password in the phone or in the browser,
  3. Do not do any kind of online shopping from unknown person’s laptop, computer or smartphone.
  4. During online shopping, do not write your email, phone number, social site username and other confidential information in the review box or comment box,

3. Identify Fake Jobs.

Cybercriminals are making young people and unemployed their victims these days because of the need of their jobs, youths, while longing for employment, forget that the job offer that is being offered to them is really true or fake. That is, it is not forgery.

If any job offer comes to you in phone call, message, email or inbox of social site, or you apply somewhere by mistake, and you are asked for the following information, then understand that it is a fake job and you have to: Information should never be given by mistake, such as :-

  1. Personal and confidential information is not to be given on demand.
  2. If any kind of information related to the bank is asked, then do not give it.
  3. Information related to credit card or debit card will not be given on demand,
  4. Information related to net banking is not to be given on demand.
  5. Information related to PAN card is not to be given on demand.
  6. If money is demanded in the name of job, then no one will answer.

If confidential information is asked from you in the name of job through phone call, message or email in the above type or any other way, then no one will answer.

4. Do not download any application or software at the behest of unknown person.

Nowadays, cyber criminals are making people a victim of fraud through fake websites, applications or software. These cyber criminals enter their fake numbers through these fake websites, applications and software, pretending to be customer care, or officers of any company or bank.

Now when you people face any problem, then you have to search the internet to get rid of that problem.

While searching, you inadvertently call on the fake number thinking that it is the customer care number.

These cybercriminals, claiming to solve your problem, ask you to download some kind of application and software on the phone or laptop.

If you download, then you keep working according to what they say, and with this you give them complete control of your mobile and laptop, and they can easily take away your hard earned money from your bank account. goes.

How to escape?

  1. Call the customer care numbers given on the official website
  2. If you do not understand, then contact the authorized center or office,
  3. Now-a-days, the company’s own service centers are open in every area, you can go there and contact yourself.