How to become a Company Secretary Know here complete information in Hindi

Company Secretary Kaise Bane – In this article you will know that how to become a Company Secretary / Company Secretary is going to give information related to it.

Friends, nowadays most of the youth like to work in the company. And the craze of becoming a secretary in the company is a bit high. Because there is a lot of respect and money in this job. Therefore, a career can be easily made in this field.

However, education is given the most importance. Well, there are many such courses available in our India. After completing these, students can easily make their career. But the course of Company Secretary is considered very beneficial for a great career.

That’s why today in this article we have for you Company Secretary Kaise Bane We are going to present information related to this. If you are also dreaming of becoming a company secretary, then in this article you will get complete information about how to become a company secretary, then read this article till the end.

Who is a Company Secretary (Who is a Company Secretary in Hindi)

If we talk about Company Secretary, then Company Secretary is a compliance officer working to ensure efficient administration of the company.

Because there are many responsibilities on the company secretary. Therefore he acts as the chief advisor to the board of directors. In which they prepare financial reports, conduct business, develop corporate strategy, deal with conflict of interest situations etc.

Qualification for Company Secretary

  • Company secretary course can be done after 12th after graduation degree.
  • 12th After completing the class, the students do Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI Foundation Course). Although this course is of one year duration.
  • The Company Secretary course consists of three stages namely Foundational Program, Executive Program, Professional Program which have to be passed.

How to Become a Company Secretary

If you want to become a company secretary, then to become a company secretary, the student has to pass three courses conducted by ICSI.

To apply for the post of Company Secretary, you can apply online by visiting the website of ICSI. But for your information, let us tell you that the examination of this course is conducted only twice in a year.

  • Foundation Program
  • Executive Program
  • Professional Program
Foundation Program

If you want to become a company secretary, first of all you have to do foundation program course to become a company secretary after passing 12th class with good marks. And this foundation course is just one type of entrance exam. Which every year conducts the entrance exam by the Institute of Company Secretaries in India in the month of June and December.

The candidates who want to become the secretary in the company can apply for this exam. Students of any stream can apply for this exam and appear in the exam.

executive program

The student who clears the Foundation Examination, the same candidate is allowed to appear in the Executive Program course. Because the candidate who successfully clears the foundation exam, the same candidate gets the benefit of appearing in the executive program course. In which training of professional knowledge is provided to the student.

professional program

The candidate who successfully clears the Foundation Program and Executive Program has to appear in the Final Professional Program Examination. Because the candidate who successfully passes the professional program exam, the same candidate gets a chance to become a company secretary.

Course Fees

Talking about foundation course fees after completing class XII to become a company secretary, the fee for foundation course is around Rs 3600. And in the executive program course, the fees for commerce students is around Rs 7000 and for non-commerce students up to Rs 7750. And the fee for professional course is around 7500 rupees.

Company Secretary Course Subjects

If you want to become a company secretary, then we are going to tell you about the subject of the three-stage course. as written below

Foundation Course Subject
  • Elements of Business Laws and Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Economics and Statistics
  • English and Business Communication
Executive Program Course Subject
  • Accounting
  • Tax Laws
  • Economic Laws
  • Company Law
  • Securities Laws and Compliances
  • General and Commercial Laws
  • Company Accounts, Cost and Management
Professional Program Course Subjects
  • Financial Treasury and Forex Management
  • Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability
  • Drafting and Pleadings
  • Company Secretarial Practice
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

Company Secretary Recruitment Process

If you want to become a company secretary, then you have to go through a three-stage program paper process. as written below.

Foundation Program Four Papers
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing
  • Business Economics
  • Business Environment & Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management, Ethics, Laws and Communication
Executive Program Seven Papers
module 1
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Economic and Commercial Laws
  • Company Law
  • Tax Laws and Practice
Module 2
  • Industrial, Labor and General Laws
  • Capital Markets and Securities Laws
  • Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
Professional Program Nine Papers
module 1
  • Secretarial Audit, Due Diligence and Compliance Management
  • Advanced Company Law and Practice
  • Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency
Module 2
  • Information Technology and Systems Audit
  • Ethics, Governance and Sustainability
  • Financial, Treasury and Forex Management
Module 3
  • Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings
  • Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
  • Electives

Career Options For Company Secretary

To become a company secretary, after successfully passing the Company Secretary (CS) course, the candidate has many options to become a company secretary. Which is something like this –

  • corporate law specialist
  • taxation specialist
  • corporate planner
  • strategic manager
  • Company’s regulatory compliance specialist
  • stock and capital market experts etc.

Company Secretary Salary

Talking about the salary of Company Secretary, the salary of Company Secretary depends on your talent and experience in all the related companies. Still, in the beginning you can get 3 lakh to 5 lakh annual package. And after gaining more experience in this you can earn around 10 lakh to 15 lakh annual package.

last word

friends in this article Company Secretary Kaise Bane The information related to this has been explained in detail. which is like this –

  • who is a company secretary
  • Qualification for Company Secretary
  • how to become a company secretary
  • Course Fees
  • Company Secretary Course Subjects
  • Company Secretary Recruitment Process
  • career options for company secretary
  • Company Secretary salary

Friends, in this article I have told you Company Secretary Kaise Bane The information related to this has been introduced. I hope you liked this information. If you find this information suitable to become a Company Secretary, then share this article with your friends and others as much as possible. Thank you.