How to become a Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Kaise Bane – Friends, in this article, information related to how to become a Social Media Manager will be known in detail in this article.

Friends, most of the young social media managers in this digital technology (Social Media Manage) aspire to be. Because the importance of social media in our life has increased to a great extent. Due to which big companies are placing more emphasis on digital platforms to advertise their products and services.

Because social media manager is the most talked about job profile in this. so social media manager It is playing the most important and important role in today’s political field.

That’s why political parties take the help of social media for their election campaign and to take their work to the people. And not only this, on the one hand almost all the companies and brands are increasing the pressure to maintain their presence on social media. On the other hand, the work of social media manager has emerged as a strong career option.

That’s why in this article we will tell you Social Media Manager Kaise Bane We are going to present information related to this. If you also aspire to become a Social Media Manager, then in this article you will get all the information about how to become a Social Media Manager with DTL, then read this article completely till the end –

What is a Social Media Manager (What is a Social Media Manager in Hindi)

Social media manager This is an employee of a company or organization. Which runs the company’s social media account channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Because due to the development of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, it is being used the most for marketing, brand promotion etc.

Therefore, the social media manager takes the responsibility of presenting the company’s brand or individual in an attractive manner on the social media platform.


If we talk about education, then no such education is required to become a social media manager. For this, it is very important to have only skill, talent and experience. But still for this it is necessary to pass your schooling in education from subjects like science, arts or commerce. Well, there is no proper course yet to step into this field.

  • To become a social media manager, you should have good knowledge of internet social media and marketing, writing skills and brand communication.
  • You should have the art of learning many new things.
  • To become a social media manager, you must have a good understanding of all the tools used in online marketing.
  • You should have a good understanding of English so that in view of the present times, a career in social media can be better for you.
  • Must have understanding of computer as well as data analysis, video editing, photoshop etc.

social media manager job

  • Social media manager has to manage the social media accounts of his clients Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.
  • To keep the company ahead in the social media platform, running ad campaigns as well as sharing posts on social media to reach people with information, photos etc.
  • Have to write post and schedule according to time and run ads for promotion only for seventeen.
  • It is the responsibility of the Social Media Manager to respond to comments from fans and to keep the Company’s image positive on social media platforms.
  • Increasing followers on social media as well as getting sponsorship from big brands.

How to Become Social Media Manager

If we talk about social media manager, then no special educational qualification is required to become a social media manager. If you have good skills and good skills as well as good experience, then you can become a social media manager.

Apart from this, in most companies, candidates with minimum graduation are placed in the first place in the appointment to this post. Because in this media and communication, public relations, digital marketing, business management and marketing degrees prove to be very helpful in adopting the profession of social media manager.

For your information, let us tell you that at present, the image of any company or organization or brand matters more. Which is the basis of its credibility.

So there is increasing pressure on all companies and brands to maintain their presence on social media in order to reach more and more users. Because of which the career option in this field is coming to the fore.

Social Media Management Course

As I mentioned above, there is no educational qualification required to become a social media manager. But in this, most of the companies give more chances to the graduates or graduates in the appointment to this post. That’s why this course is done by government or private institutions. In which admission can be taken after passing class XII with good marks. And there are many such institutes where certificate programs are also given.

Some Main Courses Related to Social Media Manager

However, there is no such course in this field to become a social media manager. But to move ahead in this field, you can move forward in this field with the help of any degree or diploma course. So let’s know about some degree or diploma courses. as written below.

  • Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics
  • PG Diploma in Technical Writing
  • PGP in Business Analytics and Big Data
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • Advance Analytics for Management
  • Certificate Program in Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Certificate Course in Technical Writing
  • Course in Technical Writing

Some of the leading institutes for doing the course

  • Techno Right Institute New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Management Kolkata
  • Tektotal Institute Hyderabad
  • Makhan Lal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal
  • Ducat Institute, Noida

Career Positions for Social Media Manager

To become a social media manager, many professionals can get jobs in the field of social media in many forms. So let’s know about some special jobs which are as follows.

Social Media Strategist

The job of a candidate for the position of Social Media Strategist is to promote the spread of your company on social media. And also take care of the traffic of social media accounts on platforms like Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram on your website. So that marketing of your services or products can be done properly.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics helps companies to choose social media channels as per their needs and target customers related to the brand. Because it is their job to collect and analyze data related to social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Sales Representative

Social Media Sales Representative Their job is to handle the sale of company’s products through social media. and production promotion as well as answering their queries to the customers as well as helping the company to keep an eye on the trends of the customers and find out the best ways to reach them. Therefore, there is a lot of demand for those working in this position in marketing companies.

Social Media Marketing Executive

Social media marketing executives oversee the planning and management of campaigns involving various media channels, team members, and customers. They also create contracts to drive the brand and connect that brand to the customers.

Contract Manager

The job of the Contract Manager is to develop and maintain your company’s brand identity and image. as well as to establish an online presence of that brand or product. Oversees campaigns to engage customers and maintain the best image of the company and their brand in the eyes of customers.

Site Traffic Planner

Understand customer interests and find better ways to reach them, and analyze data from customers who access the Company’s website through social media to determine customer preferences.

Job Prospects

In this current time, everyone needs a social media manager in this field of marketing. Whether it is a company of computer, mobile, electronic gadgets or school, college, university, hotel and restaurant, travel and tourism company, hospital, film industry, in today’s time every big company and organization needs a social media manager. And not only this, nowadays social media managers are also hired in political parties. That’s why you can earn a lot in this field or industry.

Salary in this field

Talking about the salary in this field, there are good options to make a career in this field of social media. Still, in this field, salary is easily available around 15 thousand to 25 thousand in the beginning. But if you get more experience with good talent, then you can get salary from 30 thousand to 60 thousand per month. Because in the field of this social media manager, you can get salary up to lakhs every month.

Conclusion – Conclusion

friends in this article Social Media Manager Kaise Bane The information related to this is explained in detail. which is like this –

  • What is a Social Media Manager
  • Qualification
  • Social Media Manager Jobs
  • how to become a social media manager
  • social media management course
  • Some of the main courses related to Social Media Manager
  • Some of the leading institutes for doing the course
  • Career Positions for Social Media Manager
  • job prospects
  • Salary in this field

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