How to do online transactions securely? safety tips for secure online transaction

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In today’s article we will talk that today’s How to do online transactions safely in the modern / digital age?

I want to bring your attention more to the main two words in the above question which are :-

  1. safe way.
  2. digital transactions.

It is very important to understand these two, only then you will be able to understand the whole article.

1. Safe Mode – Safe way means that we should take special care that we do not cause any kind of damage by doing the work which we are doing, going to do or are planning to do.

2. Digital Transactions – Digital transaction means transaction, payment of money sitting at home online using laptop, smartphone or electronic means through internet.

So, now let us know in detail how to do online transactions in a secure manner?

safety tips for online secure payment

How to do online transactions and online payments in a secure way?

Online i.e. to perform various types of lawful actions through the Internet using a smartphone, laptop or electronic means, including the purchase of goods or materials or services and making online payments or online money transactions. Important points to note while transacting or making payments online, which can save you from being duped by cybercriminals and a victim of cybercrime.

  1. Do not share UPI ID with unknown person.
  2. Use password in banking application.
  3. Make sure before making online payment.
  4. Do not tell OTP when asked by unknown person.
  5. Other measures.

Explain them in detail so that it is easy to understand.

1. Do not share UPI ID with unknown person.

UPI ID which stands for Unified Payments Interface Real Time Payment System. This UPI ID is generated by the users of the Banking Application while creating their NetBanking Account on the Banking Application. Which provides the facility of real time payment to NetBanking users. Through which a person using the banking application will be able to transfer money to another person’s bank account instantly without any delay. And through this UPI ID, the person himself can get money from any person directly in the bank account.

If you share your UPI ID with an unknown person, then you may suffer financial loss, how?

If you share your UPI ID with any unknown person, then he will use that UPI ID for his payment, at that time you will get the notification of payment, and if you have confirmed that payment by mistake, you will get financial. damage may occur.

2. Use the password in the banking application.

Online money transactions are increasing tremendously. You can find many online banking payment applications for this facility. Through which you can transfer and receive money from bank to bank instantly for use of any person, business, service anywhere in the world.

For secure access to any banking application or online payment application, a strong password must be used on that application. Such passwords should be changed within a fixed interval.

If the password is not used in the payment application, So in such a situation, if your smart phone is stolen, or it is in the hands of some unknown person, then he can use the money deposited in your bank somewhere else. Keep in mind that the password has to be kept on both the phone and the payment application.

3. Make sure before making online payment or transfer.

Before paying or transferring money online to any person on the consumption or use of goods or services, make sure that the person to whom the payment or transfer of money is to be done, is the one who has to do it.

How to ensure

  1. If payment or transfer is to be done through bank account number, then make sure that the account number belongs to the person to whom the money is to be paid.
  2. Check UPI ID.
  3. Avoid fraudsters.
  4. Other cautions.

4. Tell the OTP when asked by the unknown person.

OTP means One Time Password, which is valid only for a few minutes. Its use provides protection against unauthorized transactions. OTP facility is now available in every bank and in all applications for online rupee transactions.

Which is sent to the registered mobile number and email id of the person keeping in view the security measures before ensuring the transaction of Rupees. The main purpose of OTP is to provide security against unauthorized transactions.

so note that When asked by any unknown person, neither you have to give information related to your bank nor do you have to tell OTP when asked.

5. Other measures.

Online Other important things to keep in mind for secure transactions are as follows:

  1. For shopping, do online shopping from the official website of the concerned business.
  2. For SIM recharge, TV recharge, Internet recharge, use the official website of the concerned telecom company.
  3. For the transaction of Rupees through the official website of the concerned bank or use the authorized application.
  4. Do not disclose confidential information related to your bank account to any unknown person when asked.
  5. Only prudence, prudence and vigilance can save you from online frauds and the web of cyber criminals.