How to download play store? – With Full Guide.

Play Store is the application of our mobile phone, using which we can download various types of Android apps like Game, Education, Entertainment, Photo Edit, Music etc. to our device. Generally Play Store is already installed in all Android phones, but if your mobile does not have Play Store or has been deleted or uninstalled knowingly or unknowingly, then today in this post we will tell you how to download play store Going to tell about it in detail.

Most of the apps download in the whole world are from the Google Play Store app. If you do not have Play Store app in your mobile, and you want to install it on your Android phone, then for this you can download and install Paly Play Store very easily by following the steps given below.

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Play Store is a service of Google, where you get various types of free and paid applications. With this you can download games, education, technology, general knowledge and many other types of free and paid apps. Paid Apps are those apps, which you have to pay to download, you can pay these money through your Credit Card or Debit Card.

App Name Play Store
Size 21 MB
Version Latest
Installs 10,000,000,000+
Latest Updated Today

It is very easy to download Play Store app in Android mobile, if you also want to know about how to download Play Store in your smartphone, what is the complete process of installing Play Store, then let’s know further in this. Step by step.

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how to download play store

Google Play Store is downloaded in APK format like all other Android apps, just you have to keep in mind that you use a trusted website to download the app. For this, you can easily download Play Store on your device by following the steps given below by us.

1. To download Play Store, first you have to go to Google Chrome and search by typing ‘Play Store APK Download’ in the search box.

2. Now the list of top 10 websites will come in front of you. After this you have to open the website of ‘’. If you want, you can directly search the website on Google.

3. As soon as the website is opened, you will see the icon of the Play Store, under which the button of ‘Download APK’ will appear, click on it.

Tap on Google Play Store Download Button

4. Now Play Store App will start downloading on your device. Once the downloading is complete, it will ask you for ‘Permissions’ to install it.

Allow Permissions

For this, you have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from the ‘Security’ section of your phone’s ‘Settings’. Now Play Store app will be installed on your device.

Enable Unknown Sources

5. Once installed, the ‘Symbol’ of Play Store will appear on the screen of your mobile, click on it.

6. After this you will be asked to ‘Add a Google Account’. Meaning you have to enter your Gmail ID here.

7. If your Email-ID is already created then select ‘Existing’ and if it is not there then select ‘New’.

Add Google Account_Select Existing & New

8. Here we are selecting ‘Existing’. Now we have to ‘Next’ by entering our Gmail ID and Password.

Add A Google Account

9. Now you will see a popup message, click OK then click on ‘Next’.

10. Then you will be asked to enter the ‘Payment’ details and ‘Skip’ it.

11. After this a message will be shown to you, ‘Accept’ it, now your Google Play Store will open.

Take the Play Store App Install in your smartphone. Have you seen how easy it was to download Play Store apps on your mobile phone.

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how to install google play store app

To install Play Store, Google Chrome does not allow you to download apps from unknown sources keeping your security in mind. For this you have to enable it in your mobile. Want to know how?… So for this you follow the steps given below –

Enable Unknown Sources

  • First of all go to the ‘Settings’ and ‘Security’ menu of the phone.
  • After this you will see the option of ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Click on the app you want to install.
  • Now Play Store will be ‘Install’ on your device.

how to update play store

You must have learned to download and install the Play Store app, but do you want to update it, if yes, then you can update your Play Store and all other apps by following the steps given by us.

    1. First of all open your ‘Google Play Store’ in your mobile.
    2. There you will see the Profile Icon icon at the top right, click on it.
    3. On clicking, a page will open, in which the option of Settings will be shown below.
    4. Click on ‘Settings’.
    5. Now click on the option of ‘Network Preferences’.
    6. After this ‘Auto Update Apps’ has to be opened.
    7. Now three options will show in front of you- (1. Over any network 2. Over Wi-Fi only 3. Don’t auto Update Apps)
    8. Now out of these you can choose the option and update the Play Store.

find play store application in mobile

  1. On your Android phone or other device, go to the Applications section.
  2. Now tap on Play Store App.
  3. After this the Play Store application will open.
  4. Now you can download whatever apps or content you want to download by searching it.

Find Play Store Version

If you also want to know the version of Google Play Store, then follow the steps given below for this –

  • First of all open the Play Store app.
  • After that go to ‘Settings’.
  • Then click on ‘About’.
  • You will be shown Play Store Version.

As soon as you click on it, you will get a pop-up show (Google Play Store is Up to Date) which means your play store gets updated automatically.


Yes friends, how to download this post on Google Playstore? How did you like it, in this post, we have explained all this information in a very easy and simple way, how to install, update and find out its version of Google Play Store. If you or someone you know wants to download Play Store, then you can download and install Play Store App on your Android mobile by following the easy steps mentioned above.

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