how to see ration card list

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Ration Card Scheme Ration card in the country is considered as a family identity card, with which ration card holders come under the guise of food security, they are provided cheap ration by the government from this ration card, in which BPL families are given wheat at Rs 1 kg. APL ration card holders are provided wheat at Rs 2 a kg, apart from this, many families are also given material like rice, pulses, sugar etc. In today’s article, we will know how you can see the new ration card list online w how to get the ration card. You can apply for complete information about eligibility documents, Application Form PDF etc.

Ration Card List Ration Card New List How to Check Ration Card List 2020 Ration Card News List Check Online |  How to see name in Ration List | Ration Card Application Form |  Ration Card List State Wise |See Name in Ration Card List.  Ration card application form, how to see ration card list.
See name in ration card list. ration card application form How to see ration card list

how to see name in ration card list

Ration card list 2020 – How to see ration card list In order to provide food and fuel to poor families in the country at low rates from your mobile, ration cards were made as family identification cards and ration cards were made in the name of the head of the family. There are many types of ration cards like APL Ration Card, BPL Ration Card, Antyodaya Ration Card etc. Many types of ration cards are made on the basis of state wise and family status.

Let us tell you that a new scheme has been started regarding ration card One Nation One Card “One Country Card Card” i.e. now a citizen of any state can get ration from any state government ration shop.

scheme name ration card scheme
Location all states
plan type Central government and state government cooperation
benefits of the scheme Ration Wheat Rice Dal Sugar etc at cheap rates
Objective of the plan Family identification and providing cheap ration to the poor
in this post How to see ration list, how to apply for making ration card, eligibility documents etc.
official website

Important information about ration card

Well, you know about the ration card, but any family in the country can make a ration card, but the government added a new act in the ration card, in which only the families falling in the category of food security are given ration, first the rich of the country. People also used to take ration from the ration card, government employees also used to take ration, but now the government has made the rule that only those families who come under the NFSA i.e. National Food Security Act will get the ration to be lived by the government i.e. ration card for all. Will be made but ration will be given only to needy people

Ration Card Eligibility

If your ration card has not been made or a ration card has been made but you do not get government ration like wheat, rice, pulses etc., then what should be your eligibility, fulfill the following letters given here –

  • You should be a permanent resident of the state for which you are making the ration card for 10 years.
  • Your name should be in the voter list for the Gram Panchayat for which you are making ration card.
  • To get ration, you should have a job card, if not, then your name should be in the BPL survey list.
  • The annual income of your family should be less than 1 lakh per annum or 2 lakh as per the state rules.
  • Simple ration card from which ration is not available, any family member can make
  • To make a Rayon card, there should not be a name in any ration card beforehand.
  • If you have an old ration card, then you can make a new ration card on the basis of the same ration card.

Documents for making ration card

  • applicant’s aadhar card
  • voter list or identity card
  • photo of head of family
  • Any document of all the members that can be identified if it is a member of your family
  • domicile certificate
  • Caste certificate (if applicable in any state)
  • an application form issued by your state government
  • If there is a BPL survey list then you can apply
  • If you have an old ration card, then you can apply it together.

How to apply for Ration Card. Ration Card Apply Online

How ration card is made, how to apply for ration card, read carefully the ration card scheme has been started by the center but this scheme is maintained by both the state government and the state government. Ration card scheme is made according to the state government. Go and the entire account of the ration card is with the Jojha State Government, that is why you have to make a ration card by applying through the official website of Food Deparment started by your state government, here we have linked the official website of the ration card of all the states. You can apply by visiting the given website

How To Check Ration Card List Check Ration Card New List

The details of ration card have been made online for all the states, for which ration card holders can check their ration card information online, for this, they can see the list through the online portal in all the states, different food departments work for each state. The beneficiary can see the online ration card list through the official website of the Food Department.

Here the links of the Food Department Portal of all the states of the country are available through which the beneficiaries can see the list of their ration from their mobile.

  • First of all go to the food department portal of your state
  • Click on Ration List Link
  • By filling the requested information, the beneficiary can see his ration card.
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