How to send professional email? How to write a perfect email? Top 10 Tips

How do professionals send email? How to send a professional email, 10 tips for writing effective Business Emails, How to write a professional email?

This is the age of the Internet. Now it is possible to exchange messages by emailing anyone in a jiffy. It also keeps the message safe. Because the mail will go to only that address, which you have filled. Email is now used indiscriminately for sending a CV to an employer, sending necessary files to the boss, sending details related to a project to a client.

Professional emails are mostly sent in corporates, companies etc. Today in this post we will tell you how to send professional email. This is a very important and useful information. Let’s start-

What is email?

Before we know how to write professional email, let us tell you what is email? Actually, it is a method of sending messages between people using electronic devices. Let us tell you that the beginning of the email is Roy Tomlinson (Ray Tomlinson) did.

He carried out a communication between two computer systems for the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ie ARPAN.

How to send professional email?  How to write a perfect email?

As we told you that messages are exchanged through electronic devices, so there is no need for postage or address as before. An email address and internet connection are required.

What are the benefits of email?

We told you about email, now let us tell you what are the benefits of email-

  • time saving
  • eco friendly
  • secure messaging
  • money saving

How to write professional email?

There is a fixed format for writing professional email. It is written within the same scope. For example, it has to be said about work. With respect while keeping a distance. How to write a professional email, it can be understood very easily with this format-

To – This option is at the top of the mailbox. Here receipent means the email address of the person to whom the email is to be sent.

From – Here is the email address of the person on whose behalf the mail is sent.

CC – This means that if you want any other person related to the mail to also see this mail and its mail address is visible to all, then it is CCed.

Bcc- If you want any other person related to this mail to whom you want to show the mail, but do not want his address to be visible, he is BCCed.

Subject- Here you have to type the subject of the email. That is, what is the subject of this email. For example, if you want to send a story on cricket to someone, then you can send it by writing story on cricket in the subject.

Greetings- You must have understood that this word is related to the address. For example, how would you address the person you want to mail, such as Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Respected Sir etc.

Main body- This is the most important part of an email. In this you have to write in complete matter detail. Let us tell you that it also has three parts-

a) introduction
b) Matter discussion
c) Conclusion

Friends, as it is clear from the above mentioned point, first of all you have to introduce yourself. You have to give information about yourself.

After this comes the turn of the matter discussion. That is, write in detail the reason for which you are emailing.

Now it is the turn of the conclusion i.e. to end the mail. What do you expect from the recipient of the mail in this part? If he does the work according to you, then you will like it very much, you can mention things etc.

closing line- As the name suggests, here comes the time to end the email. You can end by saying thank you, etc., depending on the purpose of the email being sent.

Attachments- Now it comes to the attachments. That is, if you want to attach a file of any document with the email, then you can. Let us tell you that it can be any PDF, JPG, TIFF format file as well as any audio, video etc.

Signature- Here you have to give your name and designation. Along with this, if you want, you can give your contact details i.e. contact details.

How do professionals send email?

Along with giving basic information related to email, we will tell you how you can email. If you want to send email from your mobile phone then for that follow the following steps-

Sign up on Gmail?

The best way to email is through Gmail. You first create a Google account. With its help, you can login to Gmail. For this, you have to get the verification done through OTP from your email or mobile phone.

After this you have to set your username and password. You can login through this. If you’re already logged in, the email sending process is very simple.

Let us tell you that the username and password of your Google account, you can sign in to Gmail as well as other Google products like YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive. Can also do.

You have to login with the account from which you want to send the email.

You have to keep in mind that you have to log in with the same email address as the email account from which you want to send the email. If you want to send email from any other account then you have to logout and log in with new email id.

From composing to sending mail on the Gmail app

Friends, now we will tell you the process from writing to sending mail on Gmail app. After opening the Gmail app in your mobile, you have to click on the compose option on the home page to send the mail. Now a mail compose window will open in front of you.

How do professionals send email?

Here, first of all, write the matter of mail in the blank space. After this, instead of To, at the top, fill in the email address of the person to whom you want to send mail. Write the subject in the subject line. After this, if you want to send a copy of the mail to any other person related to the mail, then cc. If you want to send any required documents along with email. Then click on the option of attach file.

Friends, let us tell you that here you will see two options. One attach file (and the other insert from drive). If you click on attach file, then the interface will open in front of you to choose any of the files stored in your mobile. Such as File Manager, Gallery, Photos, Google Account etc.

How do professionals send email?

Let us tell you that wherever your file is saved, it can be browsed from there and attached to the mail. If you select the Insert from Drive option, you will see an option to add files stored on Google Drive.

For example, options like My Drive, Computer, Shared with me will appear. From these, you can select the file you need and attach it. After that click on the option of send. Your mail will be sent to the given email address.

Check sent (sent), received (received) all the mail like this –

If you want to check your sent mail, then you can see it by clicking on the cent option in the menu. If you want to see the mails you have received, you can click on Inbox in the menu to see all the mails that have come to you. If you don’t want to send an email now, you can save it as a draft.

How to Customize Your Email

Friends, if you want, you can also customize your email. For this you can try the following methods-

Schedule send

This is a very useful feature. With this help, you can send your composed email to another day or date instead of sending it immediately. For example, today is Thursday and you have to send this mail at 9 am on Friday, then you get the facility to do so through schedule send. That is, you can send this mail according to the schedule set by you.

Add from contacts

This is also a handy feature. With its help, you can add the mail address already stored in your device or Gmail account to the mail. Whenever you add a contact to it, it will go in the To category.

Let us tell you that if you want to send an email to more than one person, then this is a great feature. If you do not remember someone’s email, but their contact number is saved in your contact list, then this feature comes in handy.

Confidential mode

Friends, let us tell you that this option is used if you want your email to expire after a certain time. Let us tell you that there is also a passcode facility in this. If you want that no other person can open your mail, then you can use this option.

What are the types of email? types of email

We taught you how to write a professional email. But let us tell you that we do not send professional emails to everyone. Now we will tell you how many types of email are-

Informal mail

Friends, as the name suggests, this is an informal match. You send it to your acquaintances, relatives, friends, so there is no special format, rule to write it.

In this, the writer of the email can write his mind using any kind of language. It is not necessary to use words like Dear, Respected, etc., writing anything in the subject line.

Semi-formal email

Now it comes to semi formal email. Let us tell you that you send this email to a person whom you know, but not well. Like you have a new cousin. You will maintain language limits when dealing with him over email. as well as other standards. For example, while ending the email, the use of thank you etc. will come under the purview of respect.

Formal email

As the name suggests, you send this email to people with whom you have a professional relationship. Like your boss, your seniors, eminent people etc. A formal format is used in writing this type of email.

Who invented email?

Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson.

What are the benefits of email?

A person’s message reaches a person’s speed through email. This saves time. In addition, money is saved and the message is safe.

Is there a format for writing a professional email?

Yes, professional email is written differently. It has a prescribed format.

What are the types of email?

There are three types of email – formal email, semi-formal email and formal email.

Which app is sending the most emails at the moment?

At present, most of the emails are being sent through the Gmail app.

Friends, through this post, we have given information about how to write professional email. Hope this information will be of great use to you and will help you in writing a professional email. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, then do let us know. For this you can comment in the comment box given below. Thank you..