How to write an application before the court under section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973?

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In today’s article we will know that How to write an application before the court under section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973? ,

Under section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, when a Magistrate of the first class or a Magistrate of the second class, empowered under section 190, receives a complaint in respect of any offense, taking cognizance of that offense, make sure that the offense is properly investigated. Instructs the police officer to do so, this instruction includes the direction to register the First Information Report.

crpc 156-3-power of magistrate to take cognizance of offense

The main object of 156(3) is that when the information of the incident is given to the police officer, no action is taken in respect of the said incident, i.e. if the first information report is not registered, the petitioner may not take any action under 156(3). Under this, after making a written complaint before the Judicial Magistrate, it is requested to take action in relation to the crime.

How to write the application to be written under 156(3)? Go from one format. ,

Court Mr. Judicial Magistrate First Court No. , , , , , , , , , , , Janpad (Instead of district you write the name of your district)

A ——————– Applicant (Name of the applicant in place of A)


B ——————– Antagonist (Instead of B, the name of the antagonist i.e. the person who caused the incident)

Report to be filed and necessary action regarding application


It is requested that the applicant (the applicant is working in the description of his department and post), and the employee posted in the same office (name of the employee, write the suit) harassed and molested the applicant every day. On the mind of the applicant, he makes various threats and keeps threatening to stigmatize the character of the applicant through wrong video and photography, due to which the applicant is mentally very suffering and disturbed. The information of the above incident was given to the concerned police station, but on the application of the applicant, no action or hearing was taken in the police station. Defeating from all this, the applicant has come to the court to get justice.

Therefore, it is requested to Sir that after considering the above incident, please pass an order to file first information report.




Note :- Documents to be attached with the application form.

  1. Copy of the application to be given in the police station,
  2. Copy of the application to be given through registered post to the Superintendent of Police,
  3. Registered postal receipt,
  4. Copy of medical report.

The above application is an example of how the application will be written, the event would have been different, you have to write it according to your incident.