How to write an application for registering a first information report against sexual harassment in the police station / police station?

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Today’s article is especially for women working in the workplace, because in this article we will talk about How to write an application for registering a First Information Report in the police station/police station against sexual harassment at workplace against women?

Often working in offices, factories, factories and other workplaces, women are victims of sexual harassment. These sexual harassers are the people who work with them, who harass or molest women by commenting on them physically or in any other way.

Sexual harassment of women affects women very badly mentally, due to which women suffer mental pain as well as hurt their honor.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, was passed for prevention and redressal of incidents of sexual harassment. Under this Act, every workplace shall hear complaints against sexual harassment of women. A committee will be formed for

But still a woman working at the workplace will be free to file a complaint against sexual harassment in the police station.

how to write fir application for sexual harassment in hindi

How to write an application for registering an FIR against sexual harassment in the police station?

Here we are going to tell you about how to write a written application to register an FIR against sexual harassment through a format.


Mr. Mahila Police Station

District (Write the name of your post here)

Report to be filed in respect of application letter and

Necessary Proceedings

Sir ,

It is requested that the applicant (the applicant should write the details of his department and post) is employed in, and the employee posted in the same office (name of the employee who sexually harassed, post full details should be clearly written) harassed and molested the applicant every day. (The incident has to be mentioned here) On the refusal of the applicant, he makes various threats and keeps threatening to stigmatize the character of the applicant through wrong videos and photography. Due to which the applicant is mentally suffering and disturbed.

Therefore, it is requested to Sir that by writing a report of the above incident, please take punitive action against the opposite party.

the petitioner


Date – ( )