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SSC GD Physics And Chemistry Practice Set 10 : Staff Selection Commission (SSC) through SSC GD The exams are going on continuously at this time. And through analysis, it has been found that out of 25 questions of general knowledge, questions from physics and chemistry are also being asked a lot. So why not go ahead by reading it in advance and preparing it well.

In such a situation, we have brought you in front of you by sorting 25 important physical and chemistry questions out of the papers conducted by SSC GD last year through this article. Therefore, before appearing in the examination, you must read these questions once.

SSC GD Physics And Chemistry Practice Set 10
SSC GD Physics And Chemistry Practice Set 10

SSC GD Physics & Chemistry Practice Set 10

Question. The unit of work is –

  • joule
  • newton
  • Watt
  • dine

answer : 1

Question. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

  • energy
  • torque
  • Impulse
  • all of the above

answer : 1

Question. The reason why a needle floats on water is –

  • surface tension
  • capillarity
  • cohesion
  • adhesion

answer : 1

Question. By increasing the pressure on Bharat, its melting point

  • Will increase
  • will remain unchanged
  • will decrease
  • will be zero

answer : 3

Question. At what temperature is the density of water maximum?

  • at zero degree celsius
  • at 4 °C
  • at -4 °C
  • at 100 °C

answer : 2

Question. What type of wave is sound?

  • transverse
  • electro magnetic
  • longitudinal
  • progressive

answer : 3

Question. Which of the following is a detergent?

  • sodium palmitate
  • sodium stearate
  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • sodium oleate

answer : 3

Question. What is mixed in German silver?

  • Cu, Zn, Ni
  • Cu, Zn, Fe
  • Cu, Ag, Ni
  • Cu, Al, Ni

answer 1

Question. amalgam is

  • an alloy consisting of aluminum
  • an alloy containing silver
  • an alloy containing mercury
  • an alloy containing iron

answer : 3

Question. Which material is used in the manufacture of matches?

  • white phosphorus
  • red phosphorus
  • silicone
  • selenium

answer : 2

Question. how is relative humidity measured

  • hydrometer
  • hygrometer
  • lactometer
  • potentiometer

answer : 2

Question. What is the function of thermostat in refrigerator

  • raise the temperature
  • maintain the same temperature
  • raising the freezing temperature
  • decrease melting point

answer : 2

Question. Faraday’s law is related to

  • electrolysis
  • by gas pressure
  • by electrocution
  • by electric propagation

answer : 1

Question. On which principle is the explanation of the team time of stars based?

  • principle of refraction
  • principle of scattering
  • theory of characterization
  • none of these

answer : 1

Question. There is an image made of an object in the eye.

  • imaginary, straight and short
  • imaginary, inverted and large
  • real, inverted and small
  • real, inverted and large

answer : 3

Question. What is the color of silver chloride?

  • white
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black

answer : 1

Question. The basis for the classification of elements in the modern periodic table is

  • atomic volume
  • atomic density
  • atomic mass
  • atomic number

answer : 4

Question. According to Mendeleev’s periodic law, the properties of elements are a periodic function of which of the following?

  • atomic number
  • atomic mass
  • atomic volume
  • atomic size

answer : 2

Question. Atomic size as you move from left to right in the modern periodic table

  • grows up
  • decreases
  • remains unchanged
  • none of these

answer : 1

Question. Who is the best conductor of electricity?

answer : 2

Question. Nausadar’s chemical formula is

answer : 4

Question. The unit of resistance is-

  • ampere
  • coulomb
  • Henry
  • Om

answer : 4

Question. Fans, bulbs, etc. are installed in the houses.

  • in rank order
  • in mixed order
  • in parallel
  • in any order

answer : 3

Question. “The potential difference between the ends of a conductor is proportional to the current flowing in it.” This is the law – Coulomb’s law

  • Faraday’s law
  • rules of OM
  • joule’s law
  • kulam’s law

answer : 2

Question. If the radius of a wire is halved, its resistance

  • will be half
  • a quarter will remain
  • will double
  • will double

answer : 4

Question. The molecular formula of sodium carbonate is

  • Na₂CO₃
  • NaHCO₃
  • Na₂CO
  • NaCi

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