IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing: Login, Ticket, PNR Status 2021

IRCTC Next Generation check eTicketing Login Ticket PNR


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation: IRCTC is a Public Sector Undertaking working for Indian Railways. The main functions of IRCTC are Ticketing, IRCTC Login Catering and Tourism operations in Indian Railways. There is a specific online platform named IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System,

Here, users can book online train tickets, check their PNR status, find trains, book charter trains, book IRCTC hotels, book tour packages, book flight tickets, check train charts, book meals for their journey, book holiday package and many more online services.

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IRCTC Next Generation New Registration 2021

IRCTC New Website: To book train tickets online through IRCTC official website, first of all register yourself on this site and make your own login account.


To create a new account on IRCTC follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official IRCTC website or click here to directly open the New Registration Page.
irctc user new registration
  • To create IRCTC account you have to fill three types of details ie Basic details, Personal details and Address.
irctc user fill three types of details ie Basic details, Personal details and Address
  • In basic details page select a unique user name for your account.
  • Create a strong password for your IRCTC account.
  • Select your preferred language from Hindi or English.
  • Select the security question and its answer and click on SUBMIT.
  • Now you will be directed to the Personal details page and fill the following details
    1. Your First name, Middle name and Last name
    2. Occupation and Date of Birth
    3. marital status
    4. Your Country name and Gender
    5. Email and mobile number
    6. Select your nationality and click on CONTINUE.
For registration on irctc website user fill here Personal details
  • Now proceed to address section and complete following details:-
    1. House No. and Street
    2. Pin code and Name of State
    3. Name of city
    4. Post office and phone number
    5. Office address
    6. Confirm that you are not a robot.
    7. Finally click on Register.
Finally Create Your account on irctc

Now your IRCTC account is ready to use. Login using your username and password.

Login to IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System

Login to the IRCTC account is necessary to book tickets and hotels on IRCTC website.

For login visit the official website of IRCTC

Login to IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System

Click on the login link given on the home page. Enter your login details and click sign in,

IRCTC Train Ticket booking online 2021

IRCTC Next Generation Reservation: To book online train tickets using IRCTC website, visit the official website of IRCTC. If you book your ticket well in advance, there are more chances that you get a confirmed ticket. Otherwise you can also get a waitlisted ticket. If the waitlisted ticket booked online not confirmed after chart preparation, then the ticket gets canceled automatically and your ticket fare will be refunded to the bank account from which the ticket was booked.

Step by step online ticket booking procedure is explained below:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Select your journey details
  3. Select source station and destination
  4. Date of journey
  5. Class of journey: Indian Railway offers many classes of coaches with different facilities like
    1. Second Sitting(2S),
    2. Sleeper (S),
    3. AC Chair Car (CC),
    4. AC 3 Economy (3E),
    5. AC 3 Tier (3A),
    6. AC 2 Tier (2A),
    7. AC 1 Tier (1A),
    8. First Class (FC),
    9. Executive Chair Car (EC)
  6. Select quota of booking ie
    1. General,
    2. Ladies,
    3. Lower Birth / Senior Citizens,
    4. Divyaang,
    5. Tatkal,
    6. Premium Tatkal
  7. Tick ​​mark the boxes according to your eligibility ie
    1. Divyaang Concession
    2. Flexible with date
    3. Train with available berth
  8. Click on search
  9. Now you will get a list of train according to your search alongwith ticket fare.
  10. Select the birth type according to your requirement in the suitable train and click on BOOK NOW.
  11. After this enter the details of the passengers traveling such as Name, Age, Gender, Berth preference and Nationality
  12. Enter your mobile number on which you want the ticket booking details message.
  13. Select the payment method to pay fare online.
  14. After payment confirmation you will get your ticket on your mobile and email id.

IRCTC PNR Number: PNR Status check 2021

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a unique number associated with every ticket booking whether online or offline. Once you book your ticket you will be allotted a 10 digit PNR number.

PNR number can be used to track the status of your booked ticket like confirmation of ticket, waiting listed ticket status, seat number, berth number etc.

How to check the PNR status, the steps are given below:

There are many websites available on internet to check the PNR status of Indian Railways ticket. But most authentic platform to check PNR Status is official website of Indian Railways.

check pnr status online irctc pnr status live

The direct link to check PNR status is given below:

Check PNR Status

After clicking on the above link enter your 10 digit PNR number and click SUBMIT. Your current PNR status will be on your screen.

Can we book ticket on IRCTC at night?

IRCTC Train ticket booking timing: One can book online train tickets on Official IRCTC Website round the clock except some maintenance time of the site. You can’t book train tickets from 23:45 to 00:20 on IRCTC website. In this time, the goes under maintenance. Otherwise the site is operational 24X7.

IRCTC Train Ticket Cancellation 2021

How to cancel Indian Railways Train ticket: If you want to cancel Indian Railways Train ticket, first you have to login your IRCTC account from which the ticket was booked.

Go to the My Transactions menu then select Upcoming journey option.

Select the ticket which you want to cancel.

Select tick mark in front of name of passengers whose ticket you want to cancel and click on cancel ticket.

Reprint a new ticket for the passengers who will still travel on this ticket if there is any.

The cancellation amount will be refunded to the account number from which the ticket was booked.

IRCTC Next Generation App Download

How to download IRCTC App: To download the IRCTC App open Google Play Store in your Android mobile and follow the given steps:

irctc app download for android mobile
  1. search the keyword “irctc”
  2. You will get IRCTC Rail Connect app in top of the search results.
  3. Click on install,
  4. Once the app gets installed in your mobile you can book your tickets through this app also.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile Create IRCTC New Account