Lekhpal Job work, Lekhpal Posting, Area etc.

Know what is the work of an accountant?: Lekhpal Job work

Hello, we will know about the important work of Lekhpal in UP, from which department, what is their responsibility.

If you are from rural area then you will be well acquainted with the work and responsibility of the accountant. Still, keep on telling for those who do not know.

Functions of Accountant:

Accountants are employees of revenue departmentThey have many important responsibilities. Like

  • land measurement and demarcation
  • Reporting on Caste, Income, and Residence
  • Reporting in arms license
  • Investigate and report in matters related to Revenue Court
  • Assessment of the damage caused by fire, lightning, flood, drought and calamity and make a report, due to which the government releases the victim’s assistance.
  • Registering inheritance on the land, other works

So you can see how the work of a lekhpal is related to a common man. It is also an important link between administration and government.

Posting of Accountant:

The deployment of Lekhpal is under the Tehsil of each district. Where they are in many villages falling within the Tehsil. Which is called Halka. Many villages are included in a Halka.

The Lekhpal is responsible for the land and revenue related matters of all the villages under that clerk.

Lekhpal is the revenue inspector who is above him (Kannugo), Naib Tehsildar, Tehsildar, SDM, ADM and DM.