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nivas praman patra up,online,nivas praman patra mp,Form | Residential Certificate Online Apply How to make residence certificate sitting at home in ₹ 10.

nivas praman patra up The process of making has now been made online. now the citizens Address proof To get it done, you will not have to visit any government department or government employee, he can easily get his residence certificate made sitting at home.

For this, all he has to do is complete an online application process and in a few days his nivas praman patra up Will come to him which we can take out the print through print.

And This is a digital sign, so we do not even need anyone’s signature. And it can be used in all government work and in all government department, let’s know that nivas praman patra up How to apply online for getting made.


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Purpose of Residence Certificate?

This certificate for the residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. If you have to apply for the benefit of the government scheme of the state government or the job opportunity taken out by the state government, then by the government of Uttar Pradesh. Address proof If you need to get the benefits of government schemes or to get a government job, then you have to do this. Address proof If you also want to take advantage of the government’s schemes, then you have to get the residence certificate made.

Residential Certificate Online Apply

UP Residential certificate Apply document requirement

if you own nivas praman patra up For making, you will need the following documents.

  • ️ Aadhar Card
  • ️ Self Attested Declaration Form
  • ️ Voter Card
  • ️ Ration card
  • ️ copy of family register
  • ️ Passport size Photo
  • ️ Nivas praman patra form

ghosna patra

In how many days the residential certificate is received and how much does it cost.

This question always comes in your mind. That Residential Certificate Online Apply After applying, in how many days we get it and how much money we have to pay to get it made, then let us tell you that here you get your residence certificate within 7 to 15 days.

And to get it made, you have to pay only a nominal service fee of ₹ 10 and your nivas praman patra up You get


If you get the residence certificate made then you can get the following benefits.

  • it’s your nivas praman patra up is used as
  • You can get a government job with the help of residence certificate.
  • you Residence Certificate to Residence Proof can be used as
  • Residence certificate is demanded to take advantage of any government scheme.
  • Address proof It is an important useful document, it cannot be made without a copy of the family register.
  • residence certificate certifying that Where are you a native of?
  • If you are availing pension related services then there Address proof is required.
  • If you are getting your Aadhar card made then from there you Address proof is sought
  • If you are making a ration card, then there is also a need for a residence certificate.

How To Apply Residential certificate

if you too nivas praman patra up If you want to get it done, then you have to follow the following procedure for this.

  • Residential Certificate Online Apply To apply, please click below Click on the given link ️And go to the Citizen Portal.
  • After going to the Citizen Portal, you will have to create your User ID and Password there.
  • Here user ID and password can be made by all citizens by their own hands absolutely free.
  • There is no charge for this and if you have already created your user id and password here, then you can login with your user id and password.

Niwas Praman Patra

  • As soon as you successfully login to the Citizen Portal by creating your User ID and Password, a page will open in front of you to apply for all types of certificates.
  • here you now nivas praman patra up to select. and apply.
  • then in front of you Residential Certificate Online Apply A form will open to do so.
  • You have to fill this form successfully.
  • Now you have to upload the above mentioned documents.
  • After uploading the document, you have to submit the form.
  • After submitting the application, you have to pay it.
  • You can pay here through ATM Card, Debit Card, or Credit Card, UPI, Paytm, etc.
  • After successful payment, you can take out whose receipt and keep it with you.
  • Now your application has been applied and you can check its status by visiting the portal of e-disk.
  • To know the status of your application, you have to enter your application number and you will be able to check its status.
  • As soon as your application is ready, you can see your application by going to the completed application and take a print out of it.


if you own NIVAS PRAMAN PATRA DOWNLOAD If you want to do it, then follow the following procedure mentioned here for that.

  1. first residence certificate download to its go to official website,
  2. After opening the success website, login to your Citizen Portal with User ID and Password.
  3. After successful login, you go to the list of applications issued.
  4. Now select the residence certificate from here.
  5. After that here you Address proof The list of
  6. You can download your applied residence certificate from here, after that you can easily print it.

Q- What is the residence certificate?

Ans- To reveal your identity, where are you a resident, for this you have to get your residence certificate made.

Q. Mobile number is required for making UP NIVAS PRAMAN PATRA?

ANS- Yes, if you want to get the UP residence certificate made, then you should have a mobile number, this helps you in getting the residence certificate made and its updates are received from time to time.

Q. If I do not have Aadhar card, can I get my NIVAS PRAMAN PATRA made?

Ans It is necessary to have Aadhar card to get the residence certificate made, but if you do not have Aadhar card then you can go to Tehsil and get information about it.

Q. By whom is the verification of Nivas Praman Patra Up done?

Ans – If you have applied for making your residence certificate then this your application is sent by your Tehsildar to your Lekhpal and after verification of both of them your residence certificate is made.

Q. What are the documents required for getting the residence certificate?

Ans- If you are making your residence certificate, then you can get your residence certificate made by attaching your Aadhar card, your identity card, ration card, copy of family register, documents.

Q. How much is the fee for generating the residence certificate?

Ans- If you are making your own residence certificate from Citizen Portal then you have to pay a fee of ₹ 10.

Q- Where is NIVAS PRAMAN PATRA made?

Ans- Residence certificate can be made online by visiting the official website or offline by visiting your nearest tehsil.

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In order to reveal your identity, where do you reside, you must NIVAS PRAMAN PATRA Have to make

By whom is the residence certificate verified?

If you have applied for making your residence certificate, then your application is sent by your Tehsildar to your Lekhpal and after verification of both of them, your residence certificate is made.

Where is the residence certificate made?

Residence certificate can be made online by visiting the official website or offline by visiting your nearest tehsil.

How much is the fee for making a residence certificate?

If you are making your own residence certificate from Citizen Portal, then you have to pay a fee of ₹ 10.