Now foreign guests under suspicion: increased vigilance amid fears of new variant Omicron of Corona, increased testing facilities at the airport

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Jodhpur Airport.

Amidst the apprehensions of the new variant of Corona, Omicron, now guests coming from abroad have also come under suspicion. Special vigilance is being taken for about 250 foreign guests who have reached Jodhpur in the last few days. Most of the eyes are being kept on such people who have reached here from the highest risk countries. With the increase in the number of passengers at the airport, the team of medical personnel has been increased so that the screening takes minimum time. The first case of corona in Jodhpur came from abroad last year.

Jodhpur’s CMHO Dr. Balwant Manda said that keeping in mind the growing apprehensions of Omicron, we have made full preparations from our side. Special attention is being given to railway stations and airports. The number of teams has been increased. So that every passenger can be screened. His test report is being sought from the foreign traveler. Hand samples are being taken by those who do not have test reports. Also, foreign guests are being instructed to remain in self-isolation. Their samples will also be taken during their stay in isolation. If a foreign guest is found positive, then genome sequencing of his sample will be done, so that the Omicron can be detected.

Corona came to Jodhpur from abroad

Corona’s entry in Jodhpur was done from abroad. Last year, the first case of corona was reported as three members of the same family who had traveled to Turkey. While returning to the train from Mumbai, a young woman returning with them also got infected. After this, two friends who returned from London were also found infected. For this reason, this time special care is being taken regarding foreign guests in Jodhpur.

Foreign guests directly participate in weddings

These days the wedding season is at its peak in Jodhpur. Most of the people coming from abroad are coming to Jodhpur to attend the wedding of their relatives. They become a part of the wedding ceremony as soon as they reach Jodhpur. In such a situation, a large number of people come in contact with him. Most of the danger of Corona raising its head back is due to these foreign guests.

This is the location of Jodhpur

At present there are seven active cases in Jodhpur. The medical department has traced the people who came in contact with these seven and taken their samples. Along with this, it is being ascertained after conducting more thorough interrogation that how many people had come in contact with them. So that the corona can be stopped from spreading in time.

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