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blood organization

  • It is a type of fluid connective tissue.
  • Blood originates from the mesoderm of the embryo.
  • The amount of (human) blood in the body is 7% of the body weight.
  • It is alkaline in nature pH value = 7.4
  • 5 to 6 liters of blood is found in a normal person.
  • The red color of blood is due to the pigment called hemoglobin of red blood cells present in it.
  • Hemoglobin is made up of snow and globin proteins. heme In iron element Fe+2 condition is found.
  • blood plasma (55%) And cells Or Granules (45%) It is made up of i.e. blood has two parts-


It is a pale yellow liquid consisting of 91% water and 9% solids. [प्रोटीन (8.01%), लवण (0.9%), ग्लूकोज (0.1%), वसा इत्यादि] There are.

Proteins called fibrinogen and prothrombin are found in plasma which are helpful in blood clotting. Albumin and globulin proteins are also found in plasma, which are responsible for the osmotic pressure of blood.

Plasma protein Albumin = 4.7%, Globulin = 3.2% Both these are essential for osmotic pressure and Fibrinogen = .8%, Prothrombin = .03% These are essential for clotting of blood.

Globulins are also called immunoglobulins. They act like antibodies that neutralize invading microbes and their toxins.

Antibodies are also found in blood plasma. All plasma proteins are made in the liver.

When there is a decrease in plasma protein, the osmotic pressure of the blood decreases, due to which more water gets stored in the tissues, due to which the hands and feet swell, this is called Oedema.

The following salts are found in plasma- sodium (Na,), potassium (K), manganese, magnesium and chloride, phosphate, sulphate, carbonate etc.

Glucose, vitamins, amino acids and fats are also found in plasma. All types of hormones are also found in blood plasma

Urea, uric acid, ammonia etc. are found in plasma as excretory substances. CO2 and O2 Found in a dissolved state in plasma.

The pale yellow color of plasma is due to a pigment called bilirubin.

blood cells or blood corpuscles

It makes up about 45% of the blood.