Red Blood Cells

Red Blood CellsThese are also called erythrocytes. They are made in the red bone marrow (after birth). They are produced in the liver and spleen in the fetus.

in adult human RBC, Number of : 50 to 55 lakhs/ cumm in male3 of Blood and 45 to 50 lakh/cumm in female3 of Blood. In the class of fish, amphibians, reptiles and avies red blood The nucleus is found in the granules and the shape is elliptical whereas in the RBC of mammals the nucleus is absent. The shape is biconcave (biconcave) except for camels and llamas.

Red Blood Cells

The diameter of red blood cells in humans is 7-8 muμm happens. Among mammals, musk deer has the smallest size RBC Has hand. RBC life span of 120 days it happens.

In mature RBC – nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, golgicaY and ribosome are not found because hemoglobin is excess.

14-16 gm/100 mm in men in humans3 and 13.5-14.5 gm/100 mm in females3 Hemoglobin is found in 100 ml of blood.

Main function of RBC gases (O2 and CO2, transport to different parts of the body. feeding on old and damaged red blood cells spleen spleen Therefore, the spleen is called the graveyard of RBC.

hemoglobin synthesis For Iron Fe+2 And protein (globin) Raw material required. For maturation of RBC Vit-B12 and Folic Acid It is necessary, therefore, due to their deficiency, anemia disease occurs.

to build RBCs erythriocytosis it is said. Stimulates a hormone called erythrypoietin secreted from the kidney for erythriocytosis.

man in the mountains RBC The number is found to be higher than that of normal humans.