UP-FPO Shakti Portal 2021, Registration, List

UP-FPO Shakti Portal 2021, Registration, List (UP – FPO Shakti Portal, Registration, List)

Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh has launched the portal of this scheme to raise the farmers above the ground level and for their welfare. Yogi Adityanath recently announced this portal participating in the farmer welfare program held in Gorakhpur on 21 March 2021 and also told about the benefits available from this portal. In this article, you will be given complete information regarding this.

up fpo shakti portal

UP-FPO Shakti Portal Launched

This portal has been launched by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh during a program organized in Gorakhpur on 21 March 2021.

Full name of UP-FPO Shakti

The full name of this UP-FPO is Uttar Pradesh Farmer Producer Organization. And its name in Hindi is “Uttar Pradesh Farmer Producer Organization”.

Why UP-FPO Shakti Portal Required?

The access of the farmers to the market is not easy, this portal has been started to properly reach the farmers about the market and the information of the products like price and rates.

Benefits of UP-FPO Shakti Portal

  • With the help of this UP-FPO Shakti Portal, farmers will be able to know about their market base.
    It would help to expand.
  • With the help of this portal, the dependence on farmers will be reduced and they will be able to check the rates of their crops by themselves.
  • National and trans-border facility will also be provided to the farmers through this portal.
  • This portal will be directly controlled by the farmers i.e. farmers will not need to depend on any other officer/employee.
  • This portal will help the farmers to know about FPO and their major activities and organizational structure and their production.

Portal will be beneficial in these areas

This portal will provide a platform to farmers, various input and service providers to organizations, and by connecting custom hiring centres, farm machine banks, agricultural produce traders and agriculture related departments of the state government.

Farmers will also be able to see the commodity status of the state on this portal. Through this portal, farmers will be able to download information related to this scheme, guidelines related to it and forms related to this scheme. State, district and district wise information will be available on the UP-FPO portal, which will be possible to search with a single click.

Features of UP-FPO Portal

Some of the features of the portal that make this portal special –

  • Each FPO will have different information According to Sanjay Singh, Deputy Agriculture Director, Uttar Pradesh State, there will be a separate home page for each FPO on this FPO portal. Information related to all FPOs and their organizations and products will also be available on all these different home pages. FPOs will be able to submit the information of all the members under them on this portal.
  • Available in two languages Hindi is considered the official language of the state of Uttar Pradesh. This portal will also be available in both Hindi and English languages.
  • FPO Guidelines All types of information and guidelines related to FPO will be available on this FPO portal. You will be able to download these guidelines easily.
  • information about plans A list of beneficial schemes for agriculture and farmers will also be there on this FPO portal. Farmers will be able to get information about all those schemes from this portal.
  • Different sign up feature on the portal There will also be a separate signup feature for farmers, buyer-seller, input provider, equipment center on this FPO. The concerned person will be able to open their account easily on this portal.
  • login feature On this portal there will be one key login option for farmers, organizations, buyer-seller, service provider etc. Farmers and concerned person / firm will be able to login easily on this portal.

UP-FPO Registration 2021 on Shakti Portal

This portal dedicated to the Farmer Producer Organization scheme implemented by the Central Government is the first appeal for the interests of farmers, which has been made by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The purpose of this portal launched by the state government of Uttar Pradesh is to bring “farmers, traders and agricultural organizations” on one platform.

The process of registration on this portal has been partially started. This portal has been launched to register on this portal, but at present the registration has not been started for farmers, buyer-seller, service providers, etc., apart from FPO, you will be informed when it becomes operational.

UP FPO Registration Process

You will be able to easily register yourself on this portal –

  • Step 1 To register on this portal, first of all, the portal key official website will go on.
  • Step 2 – After coming to this portal, you will get a “” in the top menu bar. Sign up ” option will appear. With this option you FPO The option of ” will appear, on which you have to click on it. After clicking on this option you will be taken to a new page.
  • Step 3 After coming to this new page a form will open in front of you. The necessary information sought in this form like “Agency, District, Block, Name of the FPO, FPO Registration Number, Your E-mail and Your Bank Information will have to be filled correctly. After that you have to submit.
  • Step 4 After submitting all the details, your information will be saved and your FPO tax registration will be done successfully.

FPO Mobile Application

If you are unable to access this website, then you can also download its Android App. You can download this app from your mobile’s play store.

Phase II of the FPO Portal

The second phase of the FPO portal will be launched soon so that the stakeholders of the farmers will be connected through this portal. The transparency of the UP government will also be realized through this portal. Farmers will be connected technically through the second phase.

In this article you have been told about the FPO Portal of Uttar Pradesh State. Hope you liked this article. You can comment your suggestions below.

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