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All the beneficiaries residing in the state of Uttar Pradesh can now UP RATION CARD Can be made very easily. If you want to know that how we NEW UP RATION CARD If you come to get it made, then we are going to give you complete information about it here. along with your UP RATION CARD already made, and you Ration card download or want to print So you will also get its information here.

️ Free Ration | FREE RATION New Update

Uttar Pradesh government has given all the poor families in the time of this lock down. FREE RATION Provision has been made to give the poor family Narega Job card are holders. or whose labor card made up | The government is providing food grains absolutely free of cost to them. Along with this, the government is also giving free ration to some other families, but for that. having your ration card is mandatory.

So if you can easily UP RATION CARD are thinking of making And you don’t want to be disturbed. Do not want to make rounds of any government office. So read the information given here carefully, you will be able to make your ration card easily.

UP RATION CARD LIST 2022 Important Information

Scheme launched by Uttar Pradesh Food and Logistics Department
Beneficiary Uttar Pradesh citizen
Official Website Click here

UP New Ration Card Apply Document List

If you want to make a new ration card. So you should have the documents mentioned here and keep them note down.

  • Aadhar card
  • identity card
  • Ration card
  • bank passbook
  • income certificate
  • passport size photo

UP RATION CARD APPLY OFFLINE | Uttar Pradesh Ration Card Apply|

By following all the rules mentioned here, you can easily make your UP RATION CARD APPLY can do Please read the information carefully and follow their rules.



If you want to apply online ration card then follow the procedure given below for that.

  • To apply for online ration card, first go to your nearest public service center.
  • After visiting the Jan Seva Kendra, submit all your documents there.
  • After this, the Jan Seva Kendra operator will apply your ration card application online with the help of his user ID and password.
  • Here you will be charged some fee for applying ration card.
  • In this way you can apply online through Jan Seva Kendra.

The names of these persons are being removed from the ration card list.

UP RATION CARD LIST Recently the names of such persons are being removed from who are not eligible for the scheme.

if your name RATION CARD LIST has been removed from And you are eligible for this scheme. So you can raise your voice for this. And your name UP RATION CARD LIST I can reconnect.Check new ration card list,

Why names are being removed from UP RATION CARD LIST :-

names of such persons RATION CARD LIST being removed from Who is either not eligible for the ration card scheme. Or he has been declared dead. Apart from this, some disturbance is done by the Kotdar because the Kotdar gives his persons RATION CARD LIST joins in

While there are some people who are from the opposition. RATION CARD LIST Gets his name removed from him, due to which he faces a lot of problem in getting his ration.

That’s why if you In such a case then you can take action And you can add your name again in this scheme.

Check new ration card list 2020 :-

Follow the following procedure to see the complete list of Uttar Pradesh APL & BPL Ration Card

  • UP RATION CARD LIST To check your name in the first given below Click the link????
  • After clicking on the link, you will get the information of Uttar Pradesh Food and Logistics Department. official website will reach
  • website successfully After opening, the page shown below will appear in front of you.
  • in which you first District has to be selected.

Ration card

  • After selecting the district, you your rural or urban area will have to select
  • after that your The name of the kotedar has to be selected.
  • and then your village RATION CARD LIST You will see that you have to select your name.
  • in this way you are new RATION CARD LIST I can see your name.
  • if your name Ration card is not in the list. So you can add your name again in the ration card list in the following way.

Uttar Pradesh Ration Card List

you are straight ration card list If you want to see, then you have been given the names of all the districts below. You can check your name in the ration card list by selecting your district.

How to add name again in UP RATION CARD LIST :-

Ration card list To rename you 2 methods can be adopted.

  1. First through Jan Seva Kendra :-
  2. Through the Office of the Department of Fertilizers and Logistics:-
  • How to add name in Ration card list from Department of Fertilizers and Logistics ,– By Department of Fertilizers and Logistics RATION CARD LIST In order to reconnect the name cut off, you will first have to go to the Logistics Department’s office.
  • There you will be given a form, you will have to submit the application to the office by filling that form and putting all your necessary documents.
  • Within 10 to 15 days after submitting your name in the office RATION CARD LIST will be added again.
  • How to add name in Ration card list by Jan Seva Kendra :- Fertilizer by Jan Seva Kendra Ration card list To get your name added, first you have to go to your nearest public service center.
  • There you have to apply for it by paying some nominal fee.
  • Jan Seva Kendra operator will apply for you by taking some important documents and your name within 10 to 12 days. Ration card will be added again.

Subsidized food grains are available on ration card-

This Ration Card issued by the Government of India Provides identification to the holder for a ration of subsidized food, fuel, or other goods. It is mainly used while purchasing subsidized food items like – (wheat, rice, sugar) and kerosene.

of your state how to apply ration card And what documents are required for this. And from which official website you have to apply online. We are going to give you all this information here. Then complete the information given below.

UP Ration Card BPL-AAY

The campaign of Digital India of the Central Government of India is being spread very fast in all the states. Under this, now generally all the states Ration Card Online List Viewing facility is available.

And in other states it will be started soon Ration card Through the state governments, for the economically poor people, farmers and poor families living in rural areas. Makes arrangements to provide food grains, oil, sugar etc. at cheap rates.

The Government of India has divided the ration into three parts to help the poor people financially.

  • APL Ration Card :-This ration card people living above poverty line given to individuals
  • BPL Ration Card , This ration card is given to those persons Those who are living below the poverty line in rural areas, it helps them financially to raise them above the poverty line level.
  • AAY Ration Card ,This ration card is kept in the category of Antodaya. It is given to those poor disabled persons who are extremely poor and who you are today or disabled or old, it provides financial assistance to them.

Utility of Ration Card

Ration Card It is one of the most important documents for a person residing in every state of India. This document is provided by the state government. Now, You Rashan Card can easily apply online for and Ration Card Status can watch online.

for all citizens ration card an identity and provides an important proof of residence. It is essentially useful for making a domicile certificate, birth certificate, voter ID card etc.

You … Yourself You can also search ration card by name These are important documents to be used to take advantage of all government schemes.

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If you want to get answers to any questions related to Uttar Pradesh Ration Card, then you will get answers to all these questions here.

Does the government provide free ration on ration card,

No, the government does not provide you free ration but you get food grains at cheap prices on the ration card.

Can we download our Ration Card?

No, you cannot download ration card by yourself but you can print your ration card details online and on the basis of this print also you are given ration.

I have lost my ration card what to do?

If your ration card is lost, then you can download and print your ration card through the above mentioned process for this, after that you can get ration from this removed ration card.

What to do if we do not get ration even after having a ration card?

If you have ration card. And if you are not able to get food grains on subsidy or the kotedars are not giving you ration, then you can complain about it to the Department of Fertilizers and Logistics.

In how many days do I get the ration card after getting it?

After applying online in the ration card, you are given your ration card after 30 days and you start getting food grains on subsidy.

Where is the UP Ration Card made?

You can apply for the ration card by visiting the nearest public service center or the Department of Fertilizers and Logistics.

What is UP Ration Card?

To provide subsidized food items to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh, the government has issued a ration card.

How much money is required to get UP ration card?

This ration card is made absolutely free by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, you do not have to pay any fee.

Who can get UP Ration Card?

Any common citizen of Uttar Pradesh can get this UP ration card made.