Varn Ke Kitane Bhed Hote Hain

Hello friends, in today’s Hindi blog we will What are the differences between the definition of a character and the definition of a character? (Varn Ke Kitane Bhed Hote Hain) About to inform! In this blog, we will know in detail the definition of all types of characters with examples!

Hindi is the mother tongue of India, thus it is very important to have knowledge of all parts of Hindi language like nouns, pronouns, verbs, sentences and characters etc. Grammar is the basis of Hindi language.

Hindi is pronounced correctly only on the basis of grammar. What are the characters called to write and speak Hindi in a correct and accurate way? And it is very necessary to understand all the types or distinctions of Varna!

Let’s find out without wasting much time Who are the characters? Varn kise kahte hai. How many different characters are there? ,Varn Ke Kitane Bhed Hote Hain,,

varn ke kitne bhed hote hain

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Who are the characters? Varn in Hindi

Varn Kya Hai: Varna means the original letter which cannot be broken further are called varna. The basic unit of language is called varna.

When we utter a word, that is, when we speak the word, a sound (vayu) comes out of our mouth. Characters are the written form of sound.

Our Hindi only language is written in Devanagari script. And for every sound in Devanagari script there is a written symbol! called characters!

There are total 52 characters present in Hindi language. Out of which 39 are consonants and 13 are vowels! From the point of view of pronunciation, 45 characters are present. Out of which 35 consonants and 10 vowels are present!

Every language has its own alphabet!

Hindi alphabet – a, aa, e, e, u, oo ……… a, b, c……..

English alphabet – A, B, C, D, ………

How many different types of characters are there? Varn Ke Kitane Bhed Hote Hain

In the Hindi language, the characters are divided into two parts, that is, there are two differences of the characters, which are as follows!

  1. consonant characters
  2. vowels

1). What is a consonant called?

Mainly in Hindi language the letters from ‘a’ to ‘j’ are called consonant characters. Consonant letters are pronounced with the help of vowel letters.

Generally, the total number of consonant letters is 33, but by adding 2 double consonants and 4 combined consonants, the number of consonants becomes 39!

There are mainly 6 types of dishes!

  1. touch dishes
  2. Consonant Combination
  3. interior dishes
  4. hot dishes
  5. ligature consonant
  6. duality dishes

1. What is called a touch consonant?

Those consonants, which touch the palate, gums and teeth of a person when the tongue is uttered, are called touching consonants.

Sparsh consonants are mainly divided into five classes and each class consists of five consonants which are as follows;

class names names of dishes
‘A’ class a,b,c,d,
‘F’ class f,g,h,j,j
‘T’ class t, th, d, n, n
‘T’ class th, th, d, dh, no
‘P’ class p, f, b, b, m

2. What is called a composite dish?

Combined Consonants The dishes which are made up of two or more consonants are called combined consonants.

There are four combined consonants in the Hindi alphabet which are as follows;

  • q + s + a = NS
  • t + r + a = tr
  • J + J + A = k
  • Sh + R + A = Mr.

3. What is an internal consonant called?

Those consonants whose pronunciation the tongue moves inwards are called internal consonants.

The Hindi alphabet has four interlaced consonants which are as follows;

y, r, l, v

4. What is called a hot dish?

The consonant with which the air strikes the different parts of the mouth is called a warm consonant.

There are mainly four hot consonants in the Hindi alphabet which are as follows;

sh, sh, s, h

5. What is consonant consonant called?

When a consonant with a vowel mixes with another vowelless consonant. So a new dish is created! Which is called conjunctive consonant!

Examples of consonant consonants in Hindi alphabet are as follows;

  • k + t = k = combined
  • s + v = self = taste

6. What is called dual consonant?

When a consonant is combined with another consonant in a word. So duality dishes are formed. The first consonant in such a word is without a vowel. And the second consonant is accompanied by a vowel.

Examples of consonant consonants in Hindi alphabet are as follows;

k + k = sure

T + T = Leaf

2). What is a vowel sound?

Those letters, which do not require other letters to be pronounced, are called vowels. Vowels can be pronounced independently!

The number of vowels in the Hindi alphabet is 13. which is as follows;

a,Come,I,e,NS,oo,r,a,NS,O,oh, oh, ah

how many vowels are there – Swar Ke Kitane Bhed Hote Hain

In Hindi grammar, vowels are divided on the basis of the time taken for their pronunciation.

There are mainly three types of vowels which are as follows;

  1. voice tone
  2. long vowel
  3. Plut Vowel

1. What is called the vowel sound?

Those vowel letters that take very little time to pronounce! Whose pronunciation takes the least time. Because these vowels have only one volume!

Finally, it takes less time to pronounce them than the vowels of the other two quantities.

Example of suffixed vowel in Hindi grammar a, e, u etc. Is!

2. What is a long vowel called?

That vowel letter whose pronunciation takes more time than the vowel vowel. Because in long vowel there are two quantities instead of one. Long vowels are called letters! Examples of long vowels are aa, e, oo, etc.

Hindi grammar examples of long vowels aa, e, oo, etc. Huh.

3. What is called Plut Swar?

Plut vowel takes three times the time to pronounce than Hrsva vowel. Because these vowels have three quantities!

A good example of Plut vowel in Hindi grammar ‘um’ There are words!

In general, three-quantized vowels are not used in the Hindi language. But the place of Plut vowels in Vedic language is important!

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Conclusion – Conclusion

So friends, from today’s Hindi article, we have told you What are the differences between the definition of a character and the definition of a character? , Varn Ke Kitane Bhed Hote Hain) Simultaneously told about Svar kitne parkar ke hote hai Told you about it in detail!

Hope you got to know a lot about Hindi grammar by reading this article! Hindi which is popular as our mother tongue!

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