What are the rights of wife? What Are The Rights Of A Wife 2022

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Marriage is an essential social institution in our country. It is the dream of every parent that their daughter gets married happily and happily leaves for her home i.e. in-laws with her husband. As soon as the marriage takes place, the law also gives many rights to the girl as a wife. But the problem is that most of the wives are not aware of their rights.

What are the rights of wife? What Are The Rights Of A Wife 2022

They obey the words of husband and other family members by bowing their heads. Due to not being aware of their rights, they are physically and mentally abused in many homes. To avoid this, it is necessary that they know their rights. Be aware of them. Today in this post we will give you detailed information about these rights of a wife. Come on, let’s begin.

What are the rights of wife?  What Are The Rights Of A Wife
The Rights Of A Wife

1. Right to Streedhan

Friends, let us tell you that the wife has all the rights related to the ownership of her Streedhan. For example, all the gifts and money given before and after the marriage will be the right of the wife.

For example, jewelry and other items received by the wife from the maternal home. Stridhan can neither be snatched nor sold by the husband or in-laws.

2. Right to reside in husband’s house

After marriage, the wife has the right to live in her husband’s house. Whether it is a joint family house or a rented house. Whether self-sufficient or the home of ancestors. The wife has the right to live in the house in which the husband lives. The husband cannot take her out of this house.

3. Right to Maintenance of Standard of Living

The wife has the right to claim the basic right of life from the husband according to her standard of living. that is, he living standard (living standard) is the right to maintain. Even the law has given a wife the right to know the salary of her husband.

4. Right to Relationship with Husband

Friends, let us tell you that if there is no divorce, then a Hindu husband cannot marry another while the spouse is alive. That is, the wife has the right to have a relationship with the husband.

The husband cannot give this right to any other woman while the wife is alive. If he does so, the wife can also file a divorce case in court by accusing him of adultery.

5. Right to live with dignity

The wife has the right to live with dignity in the husband’s house. She is entitled to have the same lifestyle as her husband and other family members. Also, he cannot be subjected to physical or mental torture.

If the husband causes any such harassment to the wife, then the wife is free to approach the court against him. In this case the wife has every right to get justice.

6. Right to retain surname

It is a trend in the society that after marriage, women leave their father’s surname and adopt their husband’s surname. While many women do not want to give up their old surname. The law has also given him this right.

If a woman does not want to change her surname after marriage, she cannot be forced to do so. She has every right to keep the last surname before marriage.

7. Right to annul the marriage if it is not consummate

If there is no physical relationship between husband and wife after marriage, that is, if the marriage is not consummate, the wife can approach the court. He has the right to annul the marriage on this ground.

According to section 12(1) of the Hindu Marriage Act, he has been given the right to annul or annul the marriage in this situation. For this, a case can be filed in the court on his behalf.

Such a situation mostly comes in those cases, where the boy has an affair with another girl. He marries due to family pressure, dowry or any other reason, but does not adopt the girl. Keeps distance from him.

8. Right in husband’s residential property

A woman also has a right over the residential property of her husband. It is the property of the ancestors. If the husband has acquired any property by his own effort, then the wife has no direct right over it.

In the former case, if there is a divorce between the two, the wife is also entitled to half of the husband’s residential property.

9. Right to Alimony and Maintenance

If the wife is divorced from the husband and the wife does not remarry, then she has every right to get alimony and maintenance from the former husband.

Most of the women do not hesitate to approach the court for alimony if the husband refuses.

10. Right to Divorce from Husband

Friends, of course you may find it strange to hear this, but in the law, the woman has been given the right to divorce from her husband. The wife can take divorce under these conditions, if-

  • The husband left his wife unnecessarily for two years.
  • The husband has an extramarital affair with another woman.
  • Husband converts religion against wife’s will.
  • The husband must have seizures of insanity. Or he has some disease like leprosy, untouchability or any other disease which cannot be cured.
  • Husband physically/mentally tortures.

11. Right against domestic violence

If the husband or any member of his family commits domestic violence against the wife, then the wife has been provided protection under the Domestic Violence Act-2005. The victim can file a complaint against those who do so.

This law was brought so that women should be freed from the violence that takes place inside the house i.e. at the hands of father, husband or other relatives. Good results have also been seen from this act.

Earlier women did not come forward against the oppression of husband or other relatives including father, but now there has been a change in them. This law also has a big hand in this.

12. Right to pregnancy and abortion

You must have seen that in many homes, the husband and his family put pressure on the wife regarding pregnancy. Although he does not have the right to do so. The law has given full rights to a wife regarding pregnancy and abortion. She does not need the consent of her husband or in-laws in this regard.

Under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, the wife has been given the right to terminate her pregnancy at any time less than 24 weeks.

13. Legal methods adopted by the wife to protect her rights are not cruelty to the husband

Friends, there are many people who do not tolerate the wife to take the help of law to protect her rights and property. One such case came up in the Supreme Court.

After hearing this matter, a bench of Justice S Banumathi and Justice AS Bopanna ruled that if the wife adopts legal means to protect her rights and property, then it is not cruelty to the husband.

14. Wives are not more aware of their rights

Talking about India, marriage here has been termed as a sacred sacrament instead of an agreement. All the emphasis of the parents is on this that after marriage their daughter becomes an ideal wife and ideal daughter-in-law. Instead of informing her of her rights as a wife, they exhort her to preserve the marriage at all costs.

The daughter may be upset and mention it to her parents and want to leave her husband and in-laws, but they have to say that the daughter looks good in her in-laws’ house. Most of the people with the same old thinking are still not less that the girl comes from the maternal home in the doli and leaves her in-laws’ house on the earth. Our wife’s rights Due to lack of awareness, the woman continues to suffer physical and mental harassment as a wife in the in-laws’ house. This is what she considers her fate.

However, now the education of daughters has brought consciousness in them and the situation has changed a lot as compared to earlier. Despite this, a change in the mindset of the entire society is yet to come. The daughter needs to be informed about the rights of the wife at the time of marriage.

15. There is no change in the mentality of husbands towards the rights of the wife.

The wife may have been given many rights in the law, but there has been no visible change in the mindset of the husbands regarding these rights. For example, if we talk about Streedhan, then everyone including the husband in the in-laws claims his right on this stuff. The goods and money of dowry, he feels as his right.

This is the reason why dowry is still demanded before marriage. Take the example of Uttar Pradesh itself. The rates of weddings are still fixed in the rural areas here. For example, if the bridegroom is in the police, then a certain amount and car etc. will have to be given in his dowry. Apart from this, the incidents of physical and mental harassment of the wife after marriage are also not less. If the wife approaches the court, she feels bad. The effect of this film is visible.

There are many people who do not look at the activists fighting for women’s rights. They believe that such women are deceiving women and breaking their house. In such a situation, there is a greater need for a change in the mentality of the man and the husband, which is bound to take a long time.

16. Women’s rights being told through workshops in schools and colleges

Friends, you already know that the biggest way to become aware of your rights is through being aware of the laws. Keeping this objective in front, many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are organizing workshops in schools and colleges, so that girls can be made aware of their women’s rights. She will be able to use these rights on becoming a wife after marriage and will be able to secure her rights.

Many such workshops are also being organized online these days, in which women are made aware of their legal rights. Among them the rights of the wife are also prominent. The reason for this is that after marriage, the girl goes to another house. There as his wife increases his responsibilities, so does the challenge of adjusting in the second house.

In such a situation, they should not be harassed by the husband or any other family member, for this purpose, knowledge of their legal rights becomes very important.

What are the rights of a wife?

Wives have been given many rights in the law like right on Streedhan, right to live in husband’s house, right to maintenance, right to divorce.

What is meant by womanhood?

Stridhan is the wealth received by the wife before or after marriage. She can use it anywhere she wants. No one has the right to take or sell this money.

Under what circumstances does the wife have the right of divorce from the husband?

If the husband is in an extramarital affair, the husband physically or mentally tortures, in many cases, the wife has the right of divorce from the husband.

Does the wife also have pregnancy and abortion rights?

Yes, wife also has this right. She does not need the consent of her husband or any member of her family for pregnancy or abortion.

Is it in the right of the wife to know the salary of the husband?

Yes, knowing the salary of the husband also comes in the right of the wife.

If a wife tries legal means to protect her rights, is she cruel to her husband?

No, doing so does not amount to cruelty to the husband. The Supreme Court has also given an important decision in this regard.

Friends, in this post we have given you What are the rights of wife Are? What Are The Rights Of A Wife 2022 informed about. Hope this post will prove useful for you. If there are any women near you or in your acquaintance, then definitely share this post with them so that they can become aware of their rights. If you have any feedback or suggestion on this post then don’t forget to share it with us. You can tell us your point by commenting in the comment box below. ..Thank you..