What is Data Entry? How to become a Data Entry Operator? data entry course in hindi

hello friends if you What is Data Entry? How Data Entry Works? And How to become a Data Entry Operator? If you’re looking for information about this, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s blog we are What is a Data Entry Operator? Data Entry Operator Course Fee, Eligibility for Data Entry Operator and a What is the salary of Data Entry Operator? About to tell in detail!

Let us tell you that even if you do not know the use of Microsoft Excel much, then you can still learn the work of data entry very easily and get a good job by becoming a successful data entry operator!

In today’s article, many of your problems related to data entry are going to be solved! We will also try to know all those formulas which are very important for you in a data entry job!

So let’s go ahead without any delay and What is Data Entry? (Data Entry Jobs in Hindi) How does data entry work? And How to become a Data Entry Operator? Know all about it!

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What is the Hindi meaning of Data Entry (Data Entry Ka Hindi Meaning)

Data entry means to feed or do any data in any system or in any computer software.

This data fed into computer software or any system can be in any form.

What is Data Entry (Data Entry in Hindi)

What is Data Entry: Feeding any kind of data by typing it into the computer or in any software is called data entry.

This data is given to any data entry operator in the form of text or even in the form of numbers. In today’s time everywhere this work Microsoft Excel is done in!

But in today’s time, data entry has started in many online websites. Online Website Excel is not even required for data entry.

How to do Data Entry (Data Entry Work Kya Hota Hai)

Data entry in Excel is very easy! In data entry, we have haphazard data which we have to feed into the system in a systematic way.

Like in a big company, about 5000 people shopped in a month! The data of those 5000 people is in a paper like their name, mobile number and other information!

So similar information is stored systematically from data entry!

We know step by step how to do data entry! We will learn this through Excel Seat in which we need a form! Feeding the data in that form automatically feeds the data to your Excel seat!

1). Build an Excel seat with titles and columns!

First of all make a chart with the title and column name in the column created in an excel seat! Enter the chart headings you want on the form!

As I am doing data entry related to student admission details here, I have made a chart like this! You can see in the picture!

2). Enable Form Option!

Now next we have to enable the form option, for this go to the office button on the left! Click Next in Excel Option!

Next click on the Customize option and select the All Commands option in the Choose Commands option at the top!

3). Search the form option!

Now come to the bottom and search for the Form option! Click on Form and click on Add option!

Next you will see this option in the tool bar! Now click on OK! We will do data entry from this form option itself!

Enter the number in the Serial Number option created in Excel! Next select from the Student Name column to the Contact no column!

And click on the next form option! Next you will see a pop up here click on ok!

4). Feed the data in the form provided!

Now you will see that our data entry form is ready! Now as soon as you feed the data in the given column in this form, it will automatically get fed to your excel seat!

After feeding the data in the form, you click on the New option and the data will come on the excel seat!

So as you feed your data into this form, it will be fed into your excel seat! Similarly, you can also create forms in Microsoft Word!

Suppose you have made an entry wrong, then for this you click in the Find Prev option, then your data will come in the form!

If you want to delete any data, then you click in the Delete option in the form! From here you can delete that entry!

So in this way you can do data entry in an easy way! In today’s time, data entry is done in different ways in many places.

But data is fed mostly by making similar forms everywhere, so that more data can be fed very easily and in less time!

What are the types of Data Entry (Data Entry Kitne Prkaar Ki Hoti Hai)

As new companies are starting in our country, different methods are being adopted in the field of data entry. Everyone has their own new approach, which makes the company easy too!

Data entry can be of many types because nowadays online Internet But many types of data entry have started happening!

There are many types of data entry like in excel seat or online survey form. Data Entry Task can be of different types!

It all depends on the products and work of the company! How many types of data entry are there, we know this further in this article!

  • Online Survey
  • Online Form Filling
  • Copy and Past Data Entry
  • Number and Text Form Filling
  • Audio To Text Data Entry
  • Image to Text Data Entry

How to Become a Data Entry Operator (Data Entry Operator Kaise Bane)

To become a data entry operator, first of all you need to have knowledge of computer. You should be minimum 12th clear! Along with this, you also need to have knowledge of MS Word, MS Open Office, Power Point, MS Excel!

Your typing speed should also be good so that you will be able to enter more data in less time!

You do not need much education to become a data entry operator but about computer You should know more details!

You can do any computer related course like DCA or BCA Course Also you have to have more information about Shortcut Keys!

You freelancer You can easily search for data entry jobs through You can easily do this work through Work from Home! The company sends you the data via email so you don’t have to go anywhere!

what did we go today

Friends, in today’s post we have What is Data Entry? (Data Entry Kya Hai) data entry How is work done? (Data Entry Work Kya Hota Hai) And how many types of data entry are there? Find out more about!

You can also do data entry jobs sitting at home! most people nowadays freelancer By doing data entry work sitting at home Earning Millions!

We hope all of you readers know how to do data entry in excel and how to create a form in excel? You must have understood this very well! You must share this post of ours to all your knowledgeable people because any knowledge grows only by sharing!

Thank you all readers for reading this article completely!

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