What is Public App? How to earn money from Public App?

hello guys do you know What is Public App? (Public App Kya Hai) And How to earn money from Public App? (Public App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye), In today’s time, many new things are being used in the field of technology. There are mobile applications to do any work, so you can do many important things! Public App News Live Hindi.

Earlier people used to use newspaper or more TV channel to read news but today you can listen and read news in News Live Hindi from Public App!

The trend of newspaper has reduced a lot in today’s time. Internet Live programs broadcast from have taken over!

With the Public App mobile app, you can read news and publish it yourself! if you how to earn money online If you are searching, then this can also become a great option for you!

So in today’s article, we are going to share all the information related to public app like What is Public App? (Public App Kya Hai), How to earn money from Public App? (Public App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye) And Public App Ko Kaise Chalaye If you want to know, then let’s go ahead!

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What is Public App (Public App Kya Hai in Hindi)

Public App:Public Mobile App is a kind of News Mobile Application! Where you get news related to your area! The Public App is the perfect mobile application to keep up with the regional news!

Here you get to see the news as well as Public App News Videos You can watch too!

Here more news is broadcast in less words! That’s why it is becoming special for people in today’s time!

Public App will provide you news related to your area only when your location is on, so your location should be on!

Whether you want to know the news of the state or city in which you live now, then only after tracking your location, this mobile app will find you the related news about the local area!

The special thing here is that whatever videos or articles you see here will be seen in your regional language only!

Public Mobile App belongs to which country (Public App Kis Desh Ka App Hai)

Public App is an Indian mobile app! This mobile app was first launched in India by a news company Inshorts!

This app has been created by Azhar Iqubal, Deepit Purkayasthya and Anunay Arunav, three Indian citizens!

How to Create Account in Public App (Public App Mai Account Kaise Banaye)

Public App Download – Connecting to the Public Mobile App is very easy! For this you first Google Play Store Come download it from here!

Then click on Open! Create an account to proceed!

For this, you click on Sign in and open the app through your Gmail ID! Now in the public app, you can turn on the location option!

Next select the language! Now you will be taken directly to the home page of the Public App!

How to earn money from Public App? (Public App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

There are so many ways to earn money online today! Somewhere you can make more money in less time and somewhere it takes more time to earn money!

After knowing about this mobile app How to earn money from Public App? (Public App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye) It is important to know! So let’s now know whether money can also be earned from this app!

How can you earn money with Public App? For this you have to first broadcast the news daily in this app! Many people think that money can be earned after uploading some news but it is not so!

Here you must first number of followers Gotta increase! Only then will your popularity increase! In today’s time, there are many such e-commerce websites, whose links you can add with your news in the public app!

Visitors will click on this link and that can earn you money! You can take sponsorship from any company and you can earn money like this too! You can even sell your own products by making videos!

People will like you more as your follower count increases and more people will visit your public app channel! For this you have to post daily in this app!

public app How To Use (Public App Kaise Chalaye)

Public App Kaise Chalaye: After creating an account in this app, you come to the home page! Here you have to go to the search bar, plus icon, bell icon and profile option! Let’s find out how you can use it next!

search bar

By going to this option, you can search any news directly! Whether you have lived in Uttar Pradesh or Uttarakhand! To search the news, you have to search the news by typing the name of the state or district.

Home Option

Here you will see the news of all the channels! From whichever channel you want to watch the news, then you can listen and watch the news by clicking on it!

plus icon

By going to this option, you can post the news of your area or your city or the video related to that news!

Bell Icon

In this option, if any video will be uploaded in the channel to which you have subscribed, then you will see its notification in this option!

profile icon

You can view or edit your own profile by going to the option of Live Hindi News Public App!

What are the benefits of Public App (Public App Benefits in Hindi)

  • The biggest advantage of this is that you get a chance to hear and see the news in your area!
  • You can also watch the news via video and also give personal suggestions by going to the comment box!
  • The public app is very easy to operate and you can create an account very easily provided you have a gmail id Must be!
  • It is available in many languages, you can choose your regional language too!
  • You can also follow any other public app user and share the news they post!


So in today’s Hindi article we have What is Public App? (Public App Kya Hai) And public app Which country’s mobile app is from? go about! Also how to download this mobile app? how to create account in it and How to earn money from Public App? (Public App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye) public app Learn More About How To Use (Public App Ko Kaise Chalaye)!

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