What is written in FIR – First Information Report?


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In today’s article, I am going to tell you right that What is written in the FIR – First Information Report regarding the complaint?

First information report is filed by the victim himself or any of his relatives, family or friends in the police station by giving information about the incident. The information of the incident can be given by the aggrieved person by speaking or in writing as the case may be. Once the First Information Report is filed, a copy of the same is provided to the victim free of cost.

In this article, we will mention every single thing written in the First Information Report.

FIR - What is written in relation to the complaint in the first information report - first information report

What is written in the First Information Report?

1. NCRB or FIR is written in the top corner of the First Information Report.

2. In English and Hindi language in bold letters in the middle First Information Report u/s 154 Code of Criminal Procedure It is written.

3. Name of the District – District in which First Information Report has been filed.

4. Name of the station- Name of the police station where the incident was reported and the first information report has been filed.

5 year – The year in which the First Information Report is filed.

6. FIR NO. First Information Report Number which is a special four digit number.

7. Date and time of First Information Report – What is the date on which the first information report was filed and at what time the information was filed.

8. Acts and sections – Details of the offense under which act and under which section of the act the offense was committed.

9. Occurrence of offense – In relation to the occurrence of the crime, complete information is written such as :-

  1. Seven days of the week from Monday to Sunday, which was the day when the incident took place?
  2. Date – What was the date of occurrence of the incident.
  3. Time – What was the time of occurrence of the incident?
  4. Name of the police station – The name of the police station in which the information regarding the incident was given.
  5. Date – Time – In which day, date and time the information regarding the occurrence of the incident was given in the police station.
  6. Reference of journal, entry number, date and time – In relation to first information report, journal i.e. every day’s report, entry number and date and time of that report are written.

10.Type of Information – The information given in relation to the offense was given in writing or orally.

11. Event site – What is the place of occurrence of the crime.

12. Distance and direction from police station – The distance and direction of the police station from the crime scene is written.

13. Beat Number –

14. Address of the station – Completely clear address of the police station in which the information of the criminal incident has been given.

15. Details of the complainant/informant- In relation to the incident, the complete details of the complainant and the informer are written as follows:-

  1. Name of the complainant/informant,
  2. father’s name,
  3. date of birth,
  4. the nationality,
  5. Unique Identification Number i.e. Aadhar Card,
  6. Passport number, date of issue of passport and place of issue,
  7. Identity Details – Ration Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, UID NO. Driving License, PAN Card.
  8. Business,
  9. Address of the complainant/informant,
  10. phone number,
  11. mobile number.

16. Description of known / suspected / unknown accused with full details – The complete description of the person who has committed the offense is written as follows:-

  1. The name and surname of the accused, if any, if in number, then the names of all persons, number wise.
  2. relative’s name,
  3. Know.

17. Reason for late filing of report by the complainant / informant – If the information regarding the commission of the offense has been delayed, then what was the reason for such delay, the reason should be so, that it is proper and sufficient.

18. Details of the property concerned – If there is loss/damage to any property due to the occurrence of the event, the details thereof :-

  1. property class,
  2. property type,
  3. property details,
  4. property value.

19. Total origin of property – What was the total value of the property which was damaged due to the incident.

20. Death Review Report / UD Case Number if any – If a person dies due to the commission of the crime, then complete details of the death review report of that deceased.

21. Fact of First Information – The information given in relation to the incident in the police station, complete written information about that incident.

22. Action Taken Action taken in relation to the incident means, under which act and section, sections were imposed on that person and what action was taken such as :-

  1. Case registered and taken up for investigation
  2. Name of the Inquiry Officer, Designation, Number,
  3. refusal or reason for investigation,
  4. Due to the jurisdiction to which police station the case was transferred, its name and district,
  5. The FIR was read out to the complainant/informant, deemed to have been recorded correctly and a copy was given to the complainant free of cost,
  6. Signature, name, designation, no. of the station in-charge.

23. Signature / Thumb Impression of the complainant / informant – Complainant/Informant in FIR. Signature and thumb impression.

24. Date and time of dispatch to court. Date and date of presentation of FIR in court. Item No. of the First Information Report………..

25. The physical features, deformities and other particulars of the suspect/accused, if known/seen,

  1. gender,
  2. date of birth,
  3. Texture,
  4. height ,
  5. Colour,
  6. identification mark,
  7. Distortions/Specifications,
  8. Teeth,
  9. Hair,
  10. eyes,
  11. habits,
  12. dress,
  13. Dialect,
  14. burn mark,
  15. leucoderma white spots,
  16. wart,
  17. Wound,
  18. Tattoo.

All this above information will be recorded in the FIR only if the complainant/informant gives more information about the suspect/accused.