While filing suit in civil suit or during what is the process of filing documents related to the suit?


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In today’s article we will know that While filing suit in civil suit or during what is the process of filing documents related to the suit?

In a civil suit, while filing the suit, the original or certified copy of the valid documents in relation to the disputed subject is filed in order to strengthen the facts written in his plaint and to prove his right. The importance of these documents remains till the final decision of the suit.

how to submit document in civil case

Now the question is :-

When are the list documents filed through?

1. Production of documents on which the plaintiff sues or relies under Order 7 Rule 14 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 at the time of filing a suit by the plaintiff.

2. Duty of respondent to produce documents on which relief is claimed or relied upon by the respondent under Order 8 Rule 1A of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, while filing the claim.

3. In the stage of appeal, under Order 41 Rule 27 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, additional evidence can be produced if: –

  1. The court which passed the decree has refused to accept the document,
  2. Even after exercising due diligence, he was not aware of such evidence or could not produce it at the time when the decree was passed.
  3. On demand of documents by the Appellate Court.

What is the procedure for filing documents in a civil suit?

For the filing of documents relating to the suit in a civil suit in the court on behalf of the plaintiff/defendant list filing documents are entered through List is a written form, in which the information sought has to be entered according to the suit. As if :-

  1. name of the court,
  2. Sun,
  3. case number,
  4. plaintiff vs defendant,
  5. On whose behalf the plaintiff/defendant is being given the documents,
  6. The name of the person on whose behalf it is given,
  7. date,
  8. Sun,
  9. Description of all the documents to be filed.

List of Filed Documents (Document Filing Form)

how to submit document in civil case

In order to file the documents related to the suit in the court, on behalf of the plaintiff/defendant, the documents filed through the list are presented. The information sought in this list will be recorded according to the suit, which is as follows:-

1.Mr. – Name of the court where the suit is under trial.

2. Case No. – Suit number i.e. when the suit is filed in the court, then a number is found, which is an indicator that this above suit is under this number, on the basis of this case number, the plaintiff / defendant is the situation related to his suit. can know.

3.Plaintiff vs. Respondent – Here the plaintiff vs defendant has to write the name of the person in whose name the suit is filed and against. Will write this information to the file.

4. On behalf of the plaintiff / defendant – If the documents are being given on behalf of the plaintiff, then his name which is mentioned in the plaint and if on behalf of the plaintiff then the name of the respondent which is mentioned in the plaint.

5.Description of document and date thereof, if any – If there is a date and name of all those documents which are to be given by the plaintiff/defendant, then their details such as :-

  1. Khatauni,
  2. registry,
  3. litigation orders,
  4. Certified copy of other suit related document or order.

6. Signature – Signature of the plaintiff/defendant on whose behalf the list is filed, on whose behalf he/she affixes the thumb impression, with the name of the thumb impression.