Who is Paramedical? How old is it, Paramedical Course List | What is Paramedical?

What are Paramedicals? Who is called Paramedical Technician?

Paramedical is a medical course after which you will be a specialist doctor such as surgeon, pathologist, radiologist in the hospital. Many specialists work as a paramedic under the doctor.

The work of Paramedical Technician can vary, it is up to you which course you are opting for. Their work is divided, you can choose any one work area of ​​the hospital.

The demand for Paramedical Technician is huge in the last few years. Whether it is a government hospital or a private hospital, its demand remains everywhere.

What are the courses in Paramedical?| Paramedical Course list

Operation Theater OT Technician (Surgical Assistant)

Lab Technician or Medical Lab Technician

X-Ray Technician (Radiographer)

Orthopedic Technician

ECG Technician

Dental Technician

Opthalmic Technician (Eye Assistant)

CT – MRI Technician

How to do Paramedical Course? What should be the educational qualification for doing paramedical course?

You can do paramedical course after 12th, 12th Bio Group should be from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, only then you can take admission. Otherwise you will not get admission in paramedical course.

After passing 12th, students think that what to do next, many students start doing BSC graduation and do it, then when they are asked for a job, they do not get a good job, good salary, which we go thinking, the same If you do any course of paramedical, then you also get a good salary and job, so I advise people to do paramedical course.

How many years does the Paramedical Course last?

You get Paramedical Course of different year, like 1Year certificate course 3Year Bachelor Course, then you have to select that you want to do the course from.

What is the salary of Paramedical Technician?

Before doing a paramedical course, you think that after doing the course how much salary you can get, then let me tell you that you get salary up to 10000 in a private hospital. And according to the experience, you get the salary, as your experience will increase, your salary will increase. The same paramedical staff gets salary 2800 grade pay level-7 in the government. It may vary according to the state government.

Where to do Paramedical Course?

Paramedical courses can be done from both Government Institute and Private Institute. Work in the government institute is done in money but the competition is also very high. If your 12th % is good then your will be from government institute but if 12th % is less then you will have to do it from private institute for which you may have to pay a good fee like 50 thousand rupees to 1.5 lakh rupees per year. Yes, it may vary according to the course.

An important information, if you are doing a course from a private institute and want to do a government job, then take this information from the institute whether there will be registration with the State Paramedical Council or not, if not, then you are not eligible to apply. So take admission only after checking thoroughly.